Speak, Influence, Change: United Youth Conference 2.0

Speak, Influence, Change: United Youth Conference 2.0

Abel Mathew | Feb 12, 2018

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NITRUTSAV 2018, the spring fest of NITR with its theme as “Retro”, took us on a tour of an era that is bygone but is cherished by one and all. The fest saw a wide array of events hosted by the Literary and Cultural Society. Amidst the cluster of events was the flagship event, United Youth Conference(UYC) 2.0 hosted by Hourglass, Toastmasters International – NIT Rourkela Chapter. The event took place on the 4th of February 2018 at TIIR Auditorium. The theme of the conference was “Human Trafficking and Abuse". The event had a wide adjudicator panel from diverse backgrounds. The adjudicators were Prof. Seemita Mohanty, Associate Professor from Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mr Reddy Vamsi, Ex-President- Toastmasters International – NIT Rourkela Chapter, Mr MN Anandbabu, Assistant Registrar – Student Welfare and Ms Candida Louis, guest of honour for NITRUTSAV 2018.

The event was planned to be a two-day event anticipating a huge crowd, but due to other engagement of participants, some of the participants cancelled at last moment and the event was made to be a one-day session. The event kicked off with the felicitation of the adjudicators and explanation of the rules by the president of the club, K Pradhyumna Rao. The round stated immediately after the explanation with seven teams competing. The competing teams comprised following countries, Iran, Venezuela, Iraq, Mexico, Somalia, Thailand and Russia.

The first round was the Assertion round, wherein the teams had to present five assertions on the theme representing the country they chose. The time frame provided for the assertion presentation was three to five minutes. If the team crossed five minutes and thirty seconds or spoke less than two minutes and thirty seconds, they were liable to negative marking and the teams were judged on their content and their presentation skills. The next round was the Allegation round which consisted of teams finding loopholes in the statements of other countries The third round was the Defence round which gave an opportunity to teams to defend various allegations put to them. A maximum time of two minutes per team was allotted for each round. The final round was the Resolution round which was the time for concluding statements from teams. All the teams participated enthusiastically in all the rounds.

After a recess of five minutes and heavy discussion between the panellists and correspondence with the management team, the winners were announced. The winners of United Youth Conference were team Team Mexico: Harsh Budolia and Pratyush and the runners-up were team Dead Poets Society: Niswaes Sahu and Pallavi Mohanty.

UYC 2.0 has set a benchmark by collaborating the social activist clubs and setting up the campaign UYCx. UYCx is a collaboration consisting of Toastmasters International, Lions International and Sanlaap, an NGO. They have come together for a noble cause by setting up crowdfunding for children who have been rescued from human trafficking.

On speaking with the coordinator of the event, Pausali Pradhan was quoted saying

UYC 2.0 was indeed the brightest spark of Hourglass. The valuable efforts of the club members left no stone unturned to bring the best of UYC. It was definitely an epitome of teamwork and proficient leadership skills

The conference aimed at providing the students from colleges to put forth their idea of making the world a better place by providing a solution to one of the major crisis in present days- human trafficking and abuse. With a surplus of ideas resonating under one roof, it was a delight for everybody to participate in a public speaking event addressing critical problems persisting around the world. 


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