Prepping Up For The Techno-Klatch: ASME EFx

Prepping Up For The Techno-Klatch: ASME EFx

Sonali Priyadarshini Umme Salma | Aug 27, 2018

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With the onset of the month of September, NIT Rourkela has raised its curtains for the much anticipated intercollege events at the institute. The first event up this year’s calendar is the event of ASME EFx which is dated September 8th, 2018. Organised in a joint effort by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) India and its Student Chapter at NIT Rourkela, ASME EFx is a one day carnival designed to provide the excitement and vibrant experience of an ASME E-Fest engineering festival at a zonal level.

A rebranded form of ASME SLDC (Student Lead Design Conference) which was organized last during the Innovision of 2015, ASME EFx is a miniature form of ASME E-Fests organized every year at various locations by different ASME Student Chapters; which witnesses the participation of students from all over India. However, ASME EFx being a zonal level event, the participation is only from the respective zones. Students can register themselves online at the website of ASME EFx with a registration fee of 200 INR. If any student wishes for accommodation in the hostels for the day, an additional fee of 100 INR will be charged offline.

The Saturday of 8th September would begin at 8 a.m. with the registration procedures at the hosting center. After an hour of the same, the long list of events for the day will be unfolding steadily. The following is a brief description of the events of the day –

  • HPV (Human Power Vehicle) Design Workshop: One of the main competitions of the ASME E-Fest is the HPV-Challenge in which participants are required to design environmental friendly and pollution-free, high-speed vehicles powered by human power. To give insight into designing efficient models, there will be an expert accompanied session for the attendees. It will be a good aid for the students to prepare for the HPVC.
  • Oral Presentation Competition: Following the discipline of a holistic approach of an engineer being able to communicate about ideas, issues, and solutions effectively to a diverse audience, an oral presentation competition regarding any engineering theme like the technical, economic or environmental aspect of engineering will be conducted. This event would provide a great platform for young engineers to hone their oral presentation skill set.
  • Product Modification Challenge: Innovation along with Research & Development has become indispensable for any company to stay afloat in the market. On one end where rapid prototyping and manufacturing has become a necessity for the competition, an acute need for adept designing has risen simultaneously. Keeping these points in mind, this competition has the main aim of directing the participants to work on improving the effectiveness of a given product design in aspects like space management, fuel efficiency, etc. Participants will be designing it on Solidworks to prove their point of improved effectiveness.
  • Biomimicry Session: An expert accompanied critical thinking session that will enable the students to understand how technology can be used to improve the quality of life for the underserved communities. There will be a display of a few samples for the same and it will provide gainful perceptivity on the subject.
  • ASME Leadership and SECD Awareness Session: The SECD Awareness Session will be conducted to make students more aware about ASME Global and India Chapters, the benefits of being an ASME India member and also give information about ASME E-Fests. There will be a Student Section’s Leadership Summit for a period of 45 minutes which will involve an interactive talk between the guest speaker and the audience about real-life experiences of leadership and professional challenges.
  • Keynote and Award session: As a concluding note of the day, there will be a small talk by experts on machine designing and 3D printing. Also, winners of the two competitions, Oral Presentation Competition and Product Modification Challenge will be awarded cash prizes worth 18K INR.


The events of Biomimicry session and ASME Leadership & SECD will be conducted entirely by the ASME personnel. Other events will be organized by the ASME Chapter of NITR. The chief coordinators of the EFx are Pratik Mohanty, Polaki Sunayana and Sanju Sureshan Nair. After an entire day of technical events, the cultural clubs of NITR will be performing to help the participants to rewind and relax.

ASME, being a well-acclaimed association which stays in the public eye for its practice of multidisciplinary engineering and applied sciences, for these reasons, the events carried out by the organization are sufficiently self-publicised. Publicity for zonal events like the EFx is carried out by the support of ASME India by providing paid social media publicity. Incentives such as the creation of a unified EFx website and registration portals have been taken up by the organization.

The ASME NIT Rourkela Chapter is also making impeccable efforts on its part to extend the local outreach of the fest. The members of the club are visiting technical institutes in and around Odisha; contacting the authorities and asking them to communicate the word to their students. Club members, in a group of two or three, are organizing presentations describing an ASME E-Fest and everything that the upcoming EFx will be offering. EFx. The President of the club, Pratik Mohanty told MM-

Our club members are visiting esteemed institutions of Odisha and Eastern India like the IIT Kharagpur, IIT ISM Dhanbad, NIT Patna, National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), NIST, NIT Patna etc and convincing students to join us and seek the thrill of technology and sciences.


Because of the rigorous publicity being carried out, the club is hoping for a decent participation of around 300 students. The criteria of participation are flexible and it allows other ASME Chapters to send non-ASME members too. The on-campus publicity for the fest is soon to be started.

For organizing such a huge event, an equally huge budget of about 1.52 lakhs is expected. Although the zones are helped by ASME India and granted 500 US Dollars as a share in the budget, the club has to look for major sponsors. The members are approaching sponsors and have been able to get satisfactory responses from major corporates like Maruti Suzuki, SBI and mostly local stores and restaurants. The task of looking for satisfactory and confirmed sponsorships is still in progress. The club is also planning to pitch in some amount from the club funds received from Students Activity Centre, SAC NITR.

On the budget matters, one of the Coordinators for the fest, Sanju Sureshan Nair said-

Last year, the club received funds of about 1.3 lakh rupees from SAC which has been reduced to 1 lakh rupees this year; it is definitely an inconvenience, given that we are holding a major fest this year. But, we hope we can manage with this amount by acquiring decent sponsorships.

The club President, Pratik Mohanty looks forward to an enthusiastic participation of the students of NITR -

Given that our institute is hosting such a prestigious event of ASME, it would be a very hearty moment for us if students from NITR show up in a huge strength . I would urge my fellow mates to come and join us in experiencing the thrill of these workshops and competitions, interact with the technical experts and make friends with the students coming from the other institutes.

Monday Morning wishes its best to the club and looks forward to a successful conduct of ASME EFx by the NIT Rourkela Chapter of ASME.


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