Communicating Technicalities :  Oral Presentation Competition at ASME EFx

Communicating Technicalities : Oral Presentation Competition at ASME EFx

The American society of mechanical engineers[ASME], NITR chapter held their oral presentation contest on Saturday as part of the EFx festival. The widely publicised event which was attended by many participants- both from NIT Rourkela and outside. The judges were Dr. Pradip Chowdary, Dr. S K Behera from the Department of Chemical engineering and Mechanical Engineering respectively who presided over the whole event.

The excitement and apprehension ran high as many people looked forward to the presentations which were supposed to be on a technical topic of the contestants’ choice. The competition was organized to emphasize the value the ability to deliver clear, concise and effective oral presentations, especially on technical topics

The whole affair was supposed to begin at 9 am, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it started around 10:30 in the morning at LA 104 and LA 117. The participants were brimming with enthusiasm as they proceeded with their presentations. The question and answer session saw a volley of thought-provoking questions aimed at the participants who went on to answer them, for the most part, satisfactorily.

The basic rules were

  • The presentation should be in English

  • It should address an issue about the realms of the technical, economic or environmental aspect of engineering or similar themes

  • It should be related to some aspect of engineering.

  • They were allowed to assist themselves with aids like powerpoint presentations, clips; so on and so forth.

  • A total of 10 minutes and  5 minutes were allotted for the presentation and Q&A respectively.

Eleven participants from across different institutions in Odisha and nearby states turned up for the competition. The presentations varied from topics like Artificial Intelligence to Vehicle to Vehicle communication, bendable concrete to name a few. The panel judged the presentations on structured criteria which included things like content, subject matter, knowledge of the case, personal contribution, delivery and effectiveness, presentation and Q&A.  

 After an exemplary session, the results were announced. Anup Kumar Sohela, who presented on Quantum Levitation, Effects, and Application was declared the winner of the event and received a cash prize of INR 5000. Krishna Das who present about Automated Fire extinguisher finished as the first runner-up received a sum of INR 3000. Mahesh Ranjan Pati [Power generating fan]  and Nitish Ranjan Nayak [ V2V communication] jointly bagged the third position and won a cash prize of INR 500 each.

One of the judges for the event, Prof S K Behera commented

“The organisers seem to be quite enthusiastic about the event. Earlier a similar kind of program was organised for High school students, but now it has been expanded, allowing Engineering and allied areas students to participate. It is a noble venture vested in the interests of the students from technical and related fields. The event has been very well organised, and as such, it can be even better. I look forward to many more such events. I wish the team ASME of NIT, Rourkela  all the very best in their future endeavours.”

Team MM congratulates the winners and wishes them all the best for the future.



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