Design To Define: MATLAB workshop by AXIOM

Design To Define: MATLAB workshop by AXIOM

Ayan Dutta | Sep 17, 2018

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Axiom, the mathematics club of NIT Rourkela recently organised a workshop on MATLAB in association with LIT Bhubaneshwar. It was a two-day session witnessing a footfall of around 101 students across all the departments of NITR. The workshop was scheduled to be conducted from 10 AM till 12:30 PM on 8th and 9th September in the LA building.

Day-1: 8th September 2018

The first half of the workshop session on MATLAB was organised on 8th September at LA-201 room in the time slot of 10 AM to 12:30 PM. The session witnessed a turnout of 95 enthusiastic students eager to start off their introductory classes on MATLAB with some basics.

The prime focus of the workshop was to cultivate the culture of design skills amongst the freshmen, sophomores and pre-final year students.

said Shruti Sambhavi, the President of Axiom Mathematics club, NITR. 

Day 2: 9th September 2018

The second session of the workshop on MATLAB was organised on 9th September in LA-217 in the time slot of 10 AM to 12:30 PM in LA-217. On this day, aspects pertaining to 2-D graphs, 3-D graphs, matrix operations and Image processing were being covered in the workshop session. The event witnessed a footfall of around 100 students.

Prof Swagat Kumar Behera, a faculty staff from LIT Bhubaneshwar, was the guest lecturer for the two-day event. After the completion of the session, team Monday Morning got an opportunity to gain an insight about the session and the demand for such soft-skills in the industrial sectors on speaking to Prof Swagat Behera.

MM: What has motivated you to teach the students about designing software and developing soft skills for professional needs?

SKB: Being a graduate from the branch of Mechanical Engineering I’ve always been keen to know more about simulating software as they cater to the needs of almost every engineering discipline nowadays. So I have had the passion back from the days of my Engineering to take this knowledge further and apply it to the professional life as well. Therefore, I teach software like Catia, MATLAB, AUTOCAD, Ansys etc.

MM: According to you what is the importance of simulation software for today’s generation?

SKB: In this era of drastic technological advancements there have been great leaps in the use of animations and designs. Especially when the design industries in India are flourishing day by day, it is needless to say what importance does simulating software hold in the professional career of engineering students. Therefore, to be a competent designer in the future, one needs to be thorough with such software.

Team MM wishes all the luck to Axiom club of NITR in their future plan of conducting such brilliant sessions that can help aspirants get a practical insight into such topics in demand.


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