An Effort towards Effortless English

An Effort towards Effortless English

Sayan Dey | Oct 01, 2018

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SCP (Student Counselling Program) in collaboration with Clarion, the Literary and Debating Club of NIT Rourkela, has taken an initiative, ‘EFFORTLESS ENGLISH’ for the neophytes of the institute. The session started on last Tuesday at LA.

The aim of the initiative is to inculcate basic communication and writing skills among the freshers.

as explained by Sriya Sainath, the former vice-president of Clarion.

It is evident that people from different parts of the country come to this institute. So, we cannot expect everyone to be familiar with communicative English and fluent while conversing in this language. Given the fact that English is the only most cosmopolitan language in almost every workplace worldwide, it is imperative that the students have basic communication skills in this language. Clarion and SCP collaboratively took the step forward in this regard.

On last Tuesday, they organized an introductory session describing how the upcoming classes will be arranged and what they will be taken on. The attendees were free to discuss any issue regarding the workshop and propose modifications to the program. A blueprint of the portions to be covered was also decided during the session. The classes as declared will be taken with a frequency of once per week taking care of the fact that the timings do not clash with the academic schedules. The organizers are hopeful that the classes will be held during the whole ongoing semester and continued to the next one as well.

Talking about the reach of the program, Sriya Sainath said,

It is only for the freshers for now. But, it can be extended depending on the requirements.

Abhisekh Chhatar, who is an M. Sc. first-year student in Life Science and was present at the workshop said,

The classes will be very beneficial to us. During the placements and in future as well, we will need English communication skills. So, overall today’s session was very helpful.

Team MM hopes that the workshop reaches in a maximum of numbers to all those who need it and thus leads the institute to a brighter future indeed.


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