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  • Can the rear gate of MSS be kept open and if not, please state the reason for that?

    • Response from Warden(M.S.S): PROF. MANISH OKADE

      The rear gates have been closed in order to prevent issues of the security breach by outsiders which may cause harm to the boarders. This isn’t restricted only to M.S.S  and is followed by all the halls of residences . The front gate has an allocated security guard and CCTV surveillance which keeps a thorough check on the safety of the boarders . The rear gates can be opened to use in future if the required security personnel and safety measures are met. 

  • Why is hovering over "Live" section to know the latest Placement Updates not working anymore?

    • Team MM

      The Live section is fully working, but accessible on the Institute Internet only, as per regulations set by the Training and Placement Cell. The section has been updated with the data from the last season (Spring 2018).

  • Is a question asked by someone in the Monday Morning app, truly anonymous? The app requires a log in and posting the question from the account raises doubts. Somebody must be seeing who posted the question.

    • Team MM

      The Questions posted in the Ask a Question section on both the website and app are completely Anonymous. The App asks for a Login as part of the initial setup procedure, you may wish not to log in and still access the Ask a Question facility. Alternatively, you may log out and then post your question. As of now, your question will be posted as soon as we have a response.

  • Will there be a supplementary test in Open Elective for the students who get an F grade? What is it about the Minor Degree courses that the 3rd-semester students are made available to?


      Yes, the students can appear for the supplementary test of such courses. Open Elective will no more exist in the new curriculum. From the third semester, eligible students can apply for Minor Degree courses. Its registration portal will be available soon in the website. But the previous academic curriculum (for the batch of 2016 and before) will continue as it is, that is, they will still be having Open Elective courses.

  • How do I request my room and corridor to be cleaned?

    • TEAM MM

      Contact the respective CRB (Caretaker) of your hostel, it should be present in the notice board. Room cleaning is carried out on a weekly basis at fixed times. Alternatively, you can contact the Maintenance Secretary of your Hall. The HMC details containing the contact info would be updated in our website soon.

  • Some students had this issue that in spite of having a CGPA of 7.5 and above but having an unsatisfactory result in NSS or PE, they were not eligible for applying for the minor. How is that fair?


      NSS and PE are an important part of the academic curriculum for first-year students. Getting an unsatisfactory result in either is equivalent to failing in other subjects. The students don't take it seriously and hence the Senate decided not to allow such students apply for the minor.

  • Is honours degree awarded to everyone or is there a CGPA criterion or is any specialisation required in any subject to attaining it?


      Honours degree is awarded to any student scoring a CGPA of 8.0 or above. This is applicable for students from all branches and no other criteria need to be fulfilled.

  • A student got 5.23 CGPA in the first year. He had a query that would he be passed on to the next academic year?


      No, the student has to repeat the first year if he/she gets a CGPA of less than 5.5. However, if the student is repeating the first year and again fails to maintain this minimum CGPA, he/she will be expelled from the institute.

  • Is it possible for a student to change his/her branch from Integrated MSc to four years B.Tech in any branch for the year 2018-19?


      The branch change decision was taken by the Senate and it was decided that only B.Tech students can undergo a branch change. However, if the need arises then further steps can be taken in future.

  • Has any student been able to change his branch to CSE or EE or Civil in this year?

    • TEAM MM

      There have been two branch changes to EE, given as in the following

      KHIROD KUMAR NAYAK       CG: 9.43 From CH to EE

      GUPTA MAHESH SUBHASH   CG: 9.27 From MM to EE

      There hasn’t been any branch change to CSE or Civil.

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