TRADE MOGUL: an opportunity for those interested in finance

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The GHF group, in association with “FUTURES FIRST” is organizing an online trading competition, “TRADE MOGUL”, in India from 6th-30th of September,2011. It will give an opportunity to trade real time prices of oil, gold, forex and equity on the CME group platform, along with the thrills and challenges of the global market. The participants would be tested on their ability to take quick and real time trading decisions and also the analytical and risk aptitude for trading on the global platform. The competition has nothing to do with one’s academic discipline. It may serve as a door to lucrative careers in financial services. The competition is open to all the students. The top 50 scorers from each country will be invited for interviews at “FUTURES FIRST”. It is a free competition for students and is meant for recruitment purposes. The prizes include a whopping amount of Rs. 100,000 as first prize, APPLE MACBOOK PRO as second prize, APPLE I-PAD as third prize and an iPod Touch for those standing 4th-10th.


Depending upon the response of the students from the Institute, the FUTURES FIRST will decide whether to recruit students from NIT Rourkela.

So all the people out there with the wit and heart of a trader, broker or investor have an oppurtunity to test their skills and trace a path for a bright future.


The registration is open till 16th of september,2011.

For details log on to website.