Rejuvenating the Spirit of Research

Rejuvenating the Spirit of Research

Sanchari Dan | Aug 10, 2015

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Prof. Bibhuti Bhushan Nayak took over the reins as the HOD of the Department of Ceramic Engineering in July, 2015. The department is currently envisioning an increase in research programs and Ph.D. papers through extensive hard work of the team of fourteen faculty members and state of the art laboratories. As of now, there are 52 Ph.D. and M. Tech students currently working under the tutelage of the esteemed professors of the department. The department has awarded 9 Ph.D.s to deserving scholars and 4 other research scholars have submitted their Ph.D. thesis.

The department recently witnessed breakthrough recognition of its research when Shubham Srivastava, a Ph.D. scholar from the department and a student of Prof. Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak made an oral presentation in the 8th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies. More unanimously known as ICMAT, the conference was held at Suntec Singapore (28th June to 03rd July 2015) in collaboration with the 16th IUMRS-ICA (International Union of Materials Research Societies, International Conference in Asia). Together with the 4th PGC (Photonics Global Conference), this conference offered bright prospects and ensured sharing of ideas and insights with extensive list of presentations by the pioneers of the materials research fraternity.

Shubham gave a presentation regarding her research work entitled “Innovative Borohydride Synthesis Strategy to Fabricate Red (YBO3:Eu3+) and Green (YBO3:Tb3+) Nanophosphor with Improved Photoluminescence Characteristics”. The conference provided her with indispensable opportunities to learn research proficiencies along with ample opportunities to broaden one’s knowledge base and to make contacts with top-notch professionals. Presenting a paper in this conference was definitely of immense merit. Invaluable outlooks were gained about the general scenario of material science research around the world. Also, networking at the event helped in acclimatization with the research perspectives. The acceptance of the department’s paper in this major conference establishes the significance of the research being undertaken by the department.


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