"Carpe Diem"

Abhipsa Nayak | Sep 07, 2015

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It only feels like yesterday when the feeling of both excitement and nervousness embraced the very daunting unknown-“Institute Life”. And now new faces ready to encapsulate every instant of the time and enjoy it to the fullest. As the institute earns another year of experience, it’s all set to endure another lot of fresh faces. Department of Chemical Engineering welcomed its fresh and proud progeny into its contours on 4th September at Lecture Avenue.

The event started at around 6 pm with a welcome note by the hosts Lipika Sahoo and Andrew Jose Ignatius Milton followed by “Ganesh Vandana” by a sophomore. The event was graced by the presence of  Prof  Pradip Chowdhury, Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Sahu, Prof  Sujit Sen and Prof Sandip Khan. The professors gave advice to the freshies about academics and emphasized on full utilization of resources that they get at NIT Rourkela. They even focused on the extra-curricular activities which is as important as academics. Even though the event suffered a major electricity problem, but the organizing team smartly managed and the event continued smoothly with mobile flashlights blazing all over the room.

The freshers then formally introduced themselves to the students of the department and soon after the cultural programme commenced. The first year girls performed a group song which was followed by a monoact on the theme “Blind belief on fraud babas”. A first year boy performed thumb dips and martial art following was a solo song and dance performance. Two first year boys presented rib tickling jokes which the crowd eventually enjoyed. The guitar performance by a first year boy left the crowd spellbound. It was then followed by a group dance by the freshers. The effort put forward by the sophomores to organize the event was appreciable. And moreover the enthusiasm shown by the freshers was remarkable who came up with 8 performances for the evening.

With all the fun, also come great responsibilities towards ambition, goals, and career and most importantly towards the Institute”. Team MM welcomes the freshers and wishes them good luck for their future accomplishments. 


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