Disquisition on Money Matters

Disquisition on Money Matters

Shweta Das | Oct 12, 2015

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Budget is an obscure topic and the reality of budget needs to be demystified so that people can know whether the government in the democratic governance system is tailoring budget as per the needs of the people.

A one-day work training program on “Budget and its process in Odisha” was conducted on the 15th September at the Seminar Room of the Department of Life Science. The program was jointly organized by OBAC (Odisha Budget and Accountability Center), CYSD (Center for Youth and Social Development) and the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

It was inaugurated by the HOD of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. Bhaswati Patnaik and Program Coordinators, Prof. Niharranjan Mishra, Surendra Sahoo, senior researcher from the OBAC-CYSD unit along with Narendra Jha, a former student of NITR presently working as a trainee in CYSD who had come here working as trainers for the program. The main speakers of the event were Soumita Chakraborty and N. Sahu. The participants mainly comprised of post-graduate students of Development Studies and Research Scholars of the department.

Students learning about Development Studies had an opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge in terms of the modalities of State Budget which they can perpetuate for the betterment of the society on a large scale. After all, its people’s money and people have every right to know the budget formulation steps and the role which people and civil society can play.  

Team MM congratulates the department and wishes them luck for all their future endeavors.


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