Little’s Science Yard – A Sphere of Budding Innovation

Little’s Science Yard – A Sphere of Budding Innovation

Sravan Potnuru | Nov 02, 2015

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AASRA in association with ASME held the Little’s Science Yard event at the NCC ground on Sunday. The event started at 10.30am and continued into the day, before concluding at 2pm in the afternoon. The event was intended as a platform to exhibit talent in art and sciences, by exhibiting their models for students of class 7 and above.  6 workplaces were present with a stall count of around 8, with each stall having an average of 3 models put up for exhibition.

The models brought by the students covered a wide range of topics covering environmental conservation, electric circuit construction and even rocket propulsion. The models were graded based on three categories. These included the working model, art exhibit quality and the extent and fluency of explanation of their models. Various models across different categories were given prizes, with the rocket propulsion system, and the electrical quiz attracting the maximum attention for its flawless working.

The highlight of the exhibition was the visit of the Honorable Director, Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi. Additionally, a special platform to fulfill the wishes of the children was set up by AASRA. This involved a system similar to Make-A-Wish, in which the contributions given to the exhibition were used to fulfill the wishes of the participating children. This was seen as a gesture of goodwill and earned much appreciation from the participants and the observers alike. The event was a success, and also saw sufficient turnout at the exhibition.

Team MM appreciates the efforts of the organizers and hopes that future events also achieve the same level of excellence displayed in the organization of this event.  


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