Reconnoitering Data using Econometrics

Reconnoitering Data using Econometrics

Shweta Das | Jan 19, 2016

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The Humanities and Social Sciences Department conducted a four-day long workshop on “Fundamentals of Applied Econometrics using STATA”. The workshop was organised by Prof. Bikash Ranjan Mishra as Principal co-ordinator and Prof. Jalandhar Pradhan as co-ordinator of the course under the Department of HS.

The workshop was designed primarily for faculty members in social sciences and humanities and focused on providing orientation in essential theories of Applied Econometric Analysis for academia research and practices in social sectors, financial sectors, business corporations, management and industry.

The course was divided into two components namely – Theoretical lessons of various econometric models and Practical and Hands-on sessions on econometric software: STATA. The event saw the participation of around 20 participants from different parts of the country along with the research scholars of the same department and that of the school of Management.

According to Prof. Bikash Ranjan Mishra, the primary focus of the workshop was to highlight the methodological procedures in empirical and quantitative research analysis along with fitting in suitable econometric models in conjunction with their diagnostic tests and offering remedial measures.

In the inaugural session, the event was chaired by the honourable Director, NIT Rourkela and the Dean of SRICCE adorned the chair as guest of honour. It was thoroughly appreciated by one and all and was considered a success in the field of social sciences. Team MM congratulates the department and wishes to see more such endeavours in the future.


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