Anubhav Singh | Aug 01, 2016

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The evergreen branch of engineering is all charged to start its new session, and overcome the resistances that it may encounter. Operating in one half of the twin electrical science building this branch has been one of the alluring features of NITR. One of the infrastructural developments includes the new canteen opened in the ESB to cater the appetitive needs of the students. Besides exploring the arenas of power systems, communication system and control automation this department is also pressing on product development.

Adopting a pace towards the sight of our ex-Director of taking up product development seriously, the department is attempting to incite the students to take up project works, which will culminate in a product. Though this branch continuously features, among the highly placed branches, yet there has been a drop in the placement percentage as compared to past years. The department is going through a faculty crisis with a team of only 19 faculties. Talking over the issue, Prof. Jitendriya Kumar Satapathy said

“Postgraduate level needs a specialisation. Any one cannot just take up any random subject and teach. There are vacancies in the department, but once new faculties are recruited through the institute then we can add more and more to the curriculum depending on the number of faculty members. “

Every path has got its own hurdles, and only overcoming them takes us to a more elevated level same thing goes for the EE department of NITR. All the faculty members are investing their best to achieve the common vision and to keep the current functional. Speaking with optimism Prof.Satpathy continued

We hope that we are on the right track. All our faculties are trying very hard and we believe to prove our worth, if not by 2020 then by the years succeeding it.


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