Witamy – Civil Fresher’s

Witamy – Civil Fresher’s

Pradhyumna Rao | Oct 24, 2016

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With clock ticking by, every batch steps into a new period, a new world. This year a new group of people with high aspirations, new thoughts and fresh minds entered the institute. Neophytes to the world of engineering, time arrived for one of the world’s and NITR’s oldest engineering branch, Civil Engineering to host their fresher’s. On the 13th September 2016 evening, the fresher’s was held in LA 214.

A warm welcome greeted the fresher’s who were present in time. The event kick started by an hour late with hosts Nikhil and Sharmistha welcoming the fresher’s. A warm welcome greeted the pre final and final years. Professors were welcomed by the hosts which was followed by cake cutting. The HOD S.K.Sahu enlightened the students with his words of wisdom along with words of inspiration from other faculty.

The fresher’s were presented with a questionnaire in the beginning as a selection test for Mr. and Ms. Fresher. The paper consisted a plethora of questions ranging from general knowledge to funky and quirky ones. With a little expression of hesitation the fresher’s answered them and were considered for the contest judged by the final years.

At the end of the evening the Mr. Fresher was given to Tanish Varma and Ms. Fresher to Swaha Swayamsiddha. The event also saw a range of dances and songs from Fresher;s and Sophomores. The perfomances which stood out were given by Kishor Biswas of Second year, who danced to the tunes of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, ‘Toota Jo kabhi Tara’ and ‘Kala Chashma’. Krishna Reddy, Vineel G and Srinivas from first year danced to the tunes of few Tollywood movies. Brilliant perfomances came in from the students which were applauded and enjoyed by the audience.

The event came to an end with the energetic display of music and dance by the students. A tempting array of refreshments was provided to everybody. The event continued with few technical glitches now and then. Overall the event went smoothly with cooperation from everybody.


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