A Positive Change: Technical Society Review

A Positive Change: Technical Society Review

Being an institute of national repute, NITR boasts of its lively club culture which succeeds in keeping the NITR populace busy throughout the year. The jump in recent International rankings be witness to the fact that NITR authorities indeed aim for the holistic development of an individual. NITR, being a technical institute, has a slew of technical clubs which give students a practical experience of the acquired knowledge. The Technical Society is the supreme body, which takes care of every technical activity inside the campus. Half way into the odd semester, we at Monday Morning felt the need for the annual review of our very own Technical Society and to make the NITR junta aware of the recent happenings in the field.


Structure & Functioning

The Technical Society is one of the four societies of the Student Activity Centre (SAC) which is administered by a body comprising of eight student elected secretaries, two Dean Nominated members and two faculties who serve as the Vice-President. From among the ten student representatives, two convenors are elected. The entire team is accountable for the functioning of the society and play a vital role in taking several crucial decisions regarding the satellite clubs, events, etc by holding meetings.



For the academic year 2016-17, a total of 34 lakhs has been allotted to technical society. Out of which, 14.5 lakhs are reserved for the management of its 22 satellite clubs, their events, seminars, etc; 2.5 lakh for miscellaneous expenditure or supplementary expediture which is alloted as and when required, and 1 lakh for Tech Day. The rest 16 lakhs are exclusively for the Technical Festival, INNOVISION, 2016.

The club wise allotment has been done by reviewing their activities and expenditure in the previous academic year.  However there has been growing consensus among the clubs regarding insufficient budget allocation which only restricts their activities but also makes them to cancel some flagship seminars and guest lectures. Because of shortage of funds some clubs like SAE ask as much as 15000 INR from their club members which is not a long term feasible solution for management of club.


The authorities are of the view that the budget for the Technical Society has an upper bound of 34 lakhs and since, it cannot exceed it anytime soon, the club budgets are constricted. The alternate method for extra monetary support is through either sponsorships or by approaching the Director or Dean. The VP speaks:

Our former director was approachable and extended the budget upon our request within reason but the interim director is not in charge to extend the budget immediately. We can help the clubs with stationary products but we can’t really help them more financially. Nevertheless, there is no upper limit for sponsorships; the clubs can go for as much as they want. However if a club is really interested in a major event and has a good record, they can approach the Director through SAC for extra funds.


To promote and encourage technical innovation and entrepreneurship among students, last year a number of workshops on Filing, Soldering, Auto CAD and Web Designing were planned by the society in the even semester which were never implemented. Also every year in the odd semester, Tech Day used to be organised in the month of September, which used to be a premise for INNOVISION. But this year, Tech Day has been scrapped down and there are chances of shifting it to the even semester which experiences a total draught of Technical activities. Moreover the participation in the previous editions of Tech Day was too dismal so the authorities decided to cancel it altogether. Instead of Tech Day, the secretaries and convenors have come up with the plan for Pre-Innovision week, a weeklong event held in the past one week comprising of several online events to spread awareness among students. Since there were



Reimbuirsements & Leaves

Another major complaint by the club members was that of the tedious procedure to obtain leaves and reimbursements while participating in fests of other colleges. At times, this drops down the enthusiasm level and ultimately students back out of their plans. Responding to this the Vice-President said:

The procedure is indeed long and it goes through several heads. There is only one way, the students should begin the procedure early so that they don’t run out of time at the last moment. If they don’t require any reimbursement, it can be done soon but for reimbursement they need to submit the bills by either 15th or 30th of the month.

 Our institute is a technology centric one, our club culture is probably the best among many IITs and NITs. Despite this, we have expenditure at SAC which is culturally superior. For this academic year, the Technical Society plans to outdo last year's work by better coordination, and maximum utilization of funds. Hopefully NITR will witness a positive change if not a major leap in its technical activities in the upcoming year!


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