Investigate to Mitigate: Disaster Diagnostics

Investigate to Mitigate: Disaster Diagnostics

Satyajit Mahapatra | Nov 07, 2016

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Industrial jobs are outlined with potential hazards and accidents. Analysis of the nature of the risk associated with the work as well as inventing methods to avoid the same should always be the top priority for an engineer. AICHE chapter of NIT-Rourkela organized the flagship event ‘Disaster Diagnostics’ during ‘INNOVISION-2016’.

The event was organized at LA-217. Although the commencement of the program was delayed owing to less number of participants, the rate of participation, picked up pace towards late morning hours. The event witnessed a turnout of over 114 students who were representing various institutions of the state members of over 30 teams. The rules for the events were very simple. It was a single round event. Every team was presented with a case study pertaining to a petroleum refinery. The case study was not related to any particular branch of engineering and was based on general concepts of engineering. 

The objective of the event was to analyze the case given and to investigate the cause for the same also highlighting ways to mitigate the problem. The participants were also required to suggest ways so as to prevent the disaster. The participants were offered two ways to present their case study. They could either do it through a PowerPoint presentation or submit a hard copy outlining the causes, solutions, and steps taken to prevent the disaster. The team which presented the best solution was adjudged as the winner.

The winners of the competition were the duo of Sourav Mohapatra and Nitish Kumar Rout. Sriya Sainath and Yashwanth bagged the positions for runners up. The winners were rewarded with a cash prize of INR 3000 and the runners-up with INR 2000. The prizes were awarded to the winners in DTS before the pro-shows of the beginning.

 The event was sponsored by ‘Architects Collective’. The event was coordinated by Rahul Mohanty (Vice President, AICHE) and Aditya Kumar Sinha. Speaking to Mr. Swagat Mohanty, President AICHE said,

“We didn’t expect such a huge turnout. As a new club at NIT-Rourkela, we are happy with the way the event panned out. Although we were ill-supplied with some of the stationery we requested but in the end, those are the creases we ironed out efficiently and are very happy for successfully conducting the event.” 


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