Headway to Success

Headway to Success

Sriya Sainath | Jan 23, 2017

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With a semester of the current academic year having passed by, the Department of Physics and Astronomy returned for the next phase with a full-fledged agenda for educational development.


Dr Ashok Bera joined recently as Visiting Faculty under the DST Inspire programme. In light of recent developments, a short-term course on “Hydroxyapatite for Orthopaedics & Dental Implants by Ion Implantation Method” was conducted. It was sponsored by TEQIP, and a project entitled “Development of relativistic opacity code for hot and dense plasma” had Dr Madhulita Das joining in as Project Scientist under the Women Scientist Scheme A (WOS-A).


 “Study of the effect of disorder on attractive fermions in an optical lattice" was also a project that got approved a while back, and its first instalment was received from DST India. It constituted of a group led by Prof. S. Dutta as its Principal Investigator. In an attempt to disseminate knowledge on diverse platforms, Prof. Hiranmaya Mishra from the Physics Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, came over to NIT Rourkela to deliver a lecture on “Matter under extreme conditions”.


Among the presently practising students, two PhD scholars recently defended their thesis: Sridevi Swain with her work entitled “Synthesis and Characterizations of SrBi2Ta2O9 Modified NBT-BT and NBT-KNN Ferroelectric Ceramics near Morphotropic Phase Boundary”, and Rakesh Muduli, with “Dielectric, Ferroelectric and Impedance Spectroscopic Studies of AgNbO3 and Its Modified Systems” as his paper.


With regular advancements in their academic fields and timely progress, the department rests in a very stable and favourable situation. Team MM wishes them their very best luck in the years to come!


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