Towards Constructive Criticism - Feedback system revisions

Towards Constructive Criticism - Feedback system revisions

On the 19th of March, 2017, a mail was sent to the students by the Dean (Academics), Prof. B Majhi, asking the students to suggest any modifications required in the feedback form, since the institute is releasing a new feedback form. Team Monday Morning spoke to Dean Academics to find out more on the subject.

The mail had an attachment consisting of a format to send in suggestions. The old feedback form was lengthy with a lot of multiple choice questions. The form was not an efficient method for performing any quality control checks. In the sight of these inhibitions, it was decided that the institute would be introducing a new feedback form which would be more concise and be an efficient method to deliver feedback.

However, when finally the feedback forms were circulated among students, it was realized that there had not been any modifications. When asked why there was no introduction of a new, revised feedback form, the Dean (Academics) said, 

“I did not receive any response from the students.”

The old form provoked the students to just click on the options and complete the feedback which is not a diligent way for the feedback system to work. The students never bothered to answer it with full sincerity. The new form is only a page long where students can give feedback more easily. The feedback received previously was not something to rely upon.  The purpose of feedback system is to check and correct. The new form should fill this gap positively.  The form has been released by the authorities and is more subjective in nature than the previous one.

The dean academic stated that

“The new form is more subjective than the previous form and it doesn’t let students give feedback by just clicking all options.”

In a scenario where the professor takes any actions based on the feedback given by the students and hurls it directly at them, the students can approach the higher authorities directly and the following year that course will not be allotted to that professor.

The new form ensures better quality in giving feedback so that the necessary methods and measures can be adopted by the professors to deliver a better quality education to students.


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