The Silicon Ticket For Higher Education

The Silicon Ticket For Higher Education

Ankit Kumar Panda | Jul 31, 2017

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Over the course of the last year, the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has done some remarkable work and progress. With the institute achieving new highs this department has played a major role in the progress of it. With the seminars, conferences being held regularly the branch has been providing a plethora of opportunities to gain the maximum amount of knowledge for its students starting from PhD. to B.Tech. Also, the students have not left any stone unturned by conducting seminars and taking part in the short term courses conducted by the department.

With the target of improving the standards of higher education in India, the GIAN scheme was started and the department had its first GIAN conference in the month of September 2016. The program was conducted in collaboration with the Prof Robert Bestak, CTU, Prague. The course was coordinated by Professor Sarat Kumar Patra. The course focused on the core concepts of 5G and 4G networks. The financing is done by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India.

A short term course on design and simulation of antennas and microwave devices was also conducted by the department in the month of June 2016. The main objective of this short term course is to provide an opportunity for students, research scholars, faculty and industry personnel to get an exposure in the field of Microwave and Antennas. The course was an institute funded one and was coordinated by Professor S.K. Behera and Professor S. Maiti. Lasting for a period of one week the course and was quite a successful one.

With the fast progressing world, the teachers also sometimes need some guidance for keeping themselves updated and keeping this fact in mind a short term course was organized in the month of September 2016. The course focused on the Microsensors and Signal Conditioning (MSSC). The program was possible because of the work of the coordinators (Prof. Sougata Kumar Kar, Prof. Banibrata Mukherjee, Prof. Prashanth Vooka, Prof. Tarun Kumar Dan, Prof. Umesh Chandra Pati). It was held on the 24th and 25th of September 2016 and was covered under the TEQIP-II.

The second GIAN conference was conducted in the first week of March 2017. This time the institute had Prof. John James Soraghan, who currently is holding the Texas Instruments Chair in Signal Processing with the University of Strathclyde, as a guest lecturer to the institute. The conference majorly focused on advanced digital signal processing in electronics. Coordinated by Professor A.K. Sahoo this conference was a complete success and has made the department take a large step towards its development and increase its outreach further. Professor S.K. Patra had to say this on the two GIAN courses:

The department had conducted two GIAN courses. GIAN stands for Global Initiative on Academic Networks. And we had professor Soraghan visiting from Strathclyde University visiting us in the month of March.

The department also is known for the seminars it conducts on a regular basis. During the previous semester, the branch had the viva voce of 8 PhD scholars which is a very commendable fact. It included the PhD being awarded to one of the departmental faculty, Professor Subrata Maiti, increasing the percentage of teachers having a PhD in the department.

Not only the conferences and short term courses the branch is helped by the seminar conducted by its students. A notable seminar was conducted by Kondalarao Jyothi on the Hyperbox Classifiers for Color Recognition. The department had also done a two-day workshop on Simulation of Wireless & Mobile Communication Networks using NetSim on the 3rd and 4th of July 2017. It was coordinated by professor S.K. Das.

With faculty members also there has been few achievements such as professor Patra who has got an opportunity to visit the Upsula University under a funding from Erasmus Mundus for staff exchange. Professor Santanu Behera will be visiting AIT Bangkok starting from the month of August for one complete semester.

Although there were no new teachers into the department a two of them will be leaving soon for other commitments, Prashant Vooka will be leaving for IIT Tirupati. Professor Banibrata Mukherjee has got a post doctorate offer from Saudi Arabia and will be leaving the institute on a temporary basis. Additionally, Professor Nurul Islam has also tendered his resignation. So the faculty the strength is a bit low in the current scenario.

Also, there have been changes in the curriculum of the branch. Professor S.K. Patra heading the curriculum committee had to say this to us:

One thing that has happened in the curriculum front is the dual degree course offered by the department has been abolished and these seats have been transferred to B.Tech ones. Department is going with the accreditation of three of its Mtech programs which were not accreditated earlier.

Overall the department has been thriving well to put a footmark on the world map of electronics and with another passing semester they have yet again proved their mettle and team MM wish them a good luck for the future endeavours.


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