Coding Success Stories

Coding Success Stories

Animesh | Jul 31, 2017

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Coding Success Stories

Computer science and engineering

Animesh Das | Monday Morning

With an abundance of research activities, workshops and an impeccable placement track record, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has always been the favourite choice of all enthusiastic and budding engineers and NITR continuously strives to provide one of the best platforms in this field for the past 18 years or so. This year has been no different for this research culture, as illustrious scholars and Professoressors have received funds from the Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD) of the Government of India to undertake various projects and seminars, and many of them are still underway.

One of the unfortunate incidents this year was untimely demise of one of the esteem members in this department, Professoressor S.K. Jena, who besides being an excellent faculty member, also served as the head of the Training and Placement cell. His contributions in bringing new career and placement opportunities in the institute were almost monumental and the department strongly mourns his loss.

Last year in December the department conducted a GIAN course on ‘Recommended Systems’ of 15 days for which a foreign expert came from Spain and is still collaborating with the department for this. Subsequently, Professor Majhi’s GIAN course was also undertaken in March this year. The notable research events ongoing include the workshop in 2017, especially the one by the Head of the Department, Professor D.P. Mahapatra which is in its tenth year now. Starting in 2007 this was sponsored by Sigsoft-ACM and ISRO and it is one of the flagship projects of the department. Numerous projects are conducted in this department, under P.I’s like Professor Ruchira Naskar,  Professor Anup Nandy, and Professor Korra Sathya Babu. Between 25th to 29th August, there will be a National Level Workshop under Professor Anup Nandy, the first of its kind in Eastern India. This is on the topic—Motion Understanding for Medical Applications (MUMApp-2017) and is funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), this being only the second instance in history, where ICMR is funding a workshop. For this several eminent research zealots from the IITs and other technical institutes are expected.

Like previous years, the graduating batch of this department continues to bag the best placement packages in government and private corporations like Amazon, Zomato, Qualcomm, Deloitte, Teradata etc. both off campus and on campus and the department students also got some of the best internships in IITs and IISc.

Apart from that the department also strongly misses the absence of Professor B. Majhi who has recently been shifted as the director of IIIT Kanchipuram. He had been serving as our Dean (Academics) till his transfer.

The ongoing project on Traffic Decongestion under Late Professor S.K. Jena and others on Security Awareness will continue and is due for completion by 2019. He also had a project on city surveillance. Professor Bidyut Patra himself informed us that he is currently associated with a major project in collaboration with the mechanical department; and also added that Professor Korra Sathya Babu is collaborating with the Electronics Department. Both are quite huge projects—a scheme sponsored by the Government of India, called the Imprint.

CSE is not offering any new Open Electives this time as there is a marked shortage of faculty members now that Professor S.K Jena and Professor B.Majhi is no longer present. Besides, there is quite a significant change in the curriculum of the upcoming batch of 2017, which has been decided by the institute universally for all students. This includes both the C and C++ labs (CS171 and CS172) being substituted by a Basic Programming Lab, and no Data Structure theory subject in the 2nd semester. However, as of now the curriculum for remaining semester students remains unchanged. Notably, the Dual Degree program for CSE has also been abolished this year, with the students of 2020-2021 to be the last batch to graduate.  

Nonetheless, the changes are most welcome as are the new research projects and seminars and Team MM wishes that the department will flourish and scale greater heights in future and continue making our institute proud.



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