Inroads To The Alley: HMC 2.0

Inroads To The Alley: HMC 2.0

Ankit Kumar Panda | Oct 16, 2017

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With halfway through the semester, the HMC convened on the 12th of October to review the progress of halls of residences. The committee discussed several persisting issues and important decisions were taken in the meeting regarding the general management of halls. 

The meeting was attended by the Director, the Dean (Planning and Development), Chief Warden, Registrar, Wardens and Assistant Wardens of all the halls of residence. As student representatives, the General Secretaries and Sports secretaries of all the halls were also present. Team MM brings you a detailed analysis of the discussions that took place in the meeting:

Handling of Finance:

As per a previous discussion, it was notified in the meeting, that the finances of the office of CW and SAC (President) shall now come under the jurisdiction of Dean (Student Welfare). However, the Chief Warden would continue monitoring all the activities of the halls of residences except for financial matters, which will be handled by the Assistant Registrar under the supervision of the Dean (Student Welfare).

As per the prerogative of the Central Government, it was finalized that the institute’s initiatives for boarders, including the services provided in all the halls will be exempted from GST. Hence, from next semester onwards, the hostel fees, establishment fees, and mess dues will be paid directly to the Chief Warden’s office, unlike the present method where the money passes through the Institute’s Fund. This step is being taken to ensure that the fees will be exempted from the GST.

Improvement of Sports Facilities:

The HMC had proposed to construct an indoor stadium, with facilities for badminton, squash and other indoor games in the upcoming financial year. The Board of Governors have accepted this proposal and have agreed to begin the work of the Indoor stadium. The work of the Indoor stadium will begin after all the ongoing projects in the institute come to an end. It was also decided to renovate the existing badminton, basketball and lawn tennis courts to meet the international standards.

Review of Ganesh Puja Celebrations:

The institute had celebrated Ganesh puja on the 25th of August, followed by the idol immersion on the 27th of August. In the review, the Chief Warden raised concerns regarding the wastage of about 700 prasad packets during the festival. However, the General Secretary of SSB Hall of residence objected and clarified that not even a single food packet was wasted during the celebration. At the end, the HMC unanimously decided that no food packets will be distributed in future during religious celebrations.

Power supply:

Mr. Manas Ranjan Tripathy, the Warden of MV hall of residence proposed to have a generator set installed for all the halls of residences which would stay operational during the times of examination. However, Prof. C.R. Patra, Dean (Planning and Development) stated that the institute can’t take up this project as HMC is already running in a negative balance and it can be done only after the deficit of 1.3 crores is met.

HMC Budget and Establishment Fees:

The institute has received a budget of 3 crores, against a demand of 70 crores, from the Central Government primarily for the improvement of toilets, bathrooms and drinking water facilities in the halls of residence. The CW instructed the wardens of all the halls of residences to submit a list of requirements so that the budget can be allotted accordingly.

Recently the HMC hiked the Establishment Fees from 2500 INR to 5000 INR per semester, which lead to a protest among the students demanding to roll back the decision because the fees were hiked by 100% at one go. To ensure that such incidents don’t repeat in future and to meet with inflation and rising wages of security staff and workers, the HMC decided to hike the Establishment fees by 500 INR per semester till the negative balance of 1.3 crores is met. But to everyone’s surprise, the hike of 500 INR will be implemented on the current value of 5000 INR. Though student representatives objected to the decision and demanded to implement the hike on the previous value of 2500 INR, the HMC decided against it. 

In a separate context, it was brought to the notice of the CW that M.Tech. students from Safety Engineering go on a student exchange program to a Bhubaneshwar based Institute for four months, and their mess fees are diverted to that particular institute. However owing to the difference in the cost of meals per day, the amount that lasts for six months here, gets exhausted in just four months there, due to which, after their return, they are still forced to pay the expenses for two months. The students had requested to waive it off, but the HMC decided against it.

Late Entry Issue:

The HMC decided to extend the late entry timings of KMS and CVR halls of residences to 11 pm. However, as a reaction to the recent mishaps in the institute, the HMC also decided to enforce the late-entry rule on all boys halls of residence. A circular regarding the same will be soon circulated among the boarders.

Miscellaneous Issues:

Currently, the gas cylinders in all the halls do not have a proper storage space and can lead to significant disaster in case of a mishap. Hence, suitable storage areas for the gas cylinders were demanded. The HMC decided to provide halls with appropriate shelves and rooms for the safe storage of the gas cylinders.

There was also a demand from the wardens for the procurement of new utensils, and the CW asked all the wardens to submit a list of the utensils, so that they can be purchased at one go.



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