Campus Surveillance : Security Guards or CCTV Monitoring?

Campus Surveillance : Security Guards or CCTV Monitoring?

Oct 16, 2017 | Niharika Dalai

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After the recent incidents, the concerns of NITR populace regarding the safety and security of the campus have definitely increased. In a recent interview with Team MM, the Officer on Special Duty, Suman Datta spoke about the installation of CCTV cameras in the campus to make the institute premises more secure and safe.

So, Team MM conducted a survey to perceive and apprehend the views of NITR junta on the question “Do you think CCTV cameras should be installed in the institute premises?”

“An average of 48% felt that CCTV cameras should be installed for better examination of various activities in the institute and they were of the opinion that it would help in catching hold of miscreants with proper evidence.”

Installation of CCTV cameras would result in better video surveillance of the campus for twenty-four hours and will enhance the existing security. The entire campus can be monitored anytime and anywhere. Previously, in many incidents, the security guards were unable to identify the culprits. So, installation of CCTV cameras would help identify the offender and gather proper evidence against his offense.

“A considerable 27% felt that CCTV cameras should not be installed on the campus. The money should be invested for recruiting more guards to ensure proper security measures are followed in the institute.”

Increase in the number of security guards can help to keep a vigilant eye on all parts of the campus. If any visitor is suspected of doing any misdeed or wrong act, then he can be stopped before committing the crime. Though CCTV cameras may help to identify the miscreant, prevention of crime cannot be ensured unless there are more number of guards. Moreover, any person in disguise can enter the campus and commit any kind of illegal and unlawful act in the places where security guards are not placed.

“A notable 25% thought that there should be a proportionate increase in the number of security guards along with the installation of CCTV cameras.”

This step can be the most effective in ensuring safety and the campus can be monitored during all the hours of a day. Also, it is practically not possible to install CCTV cameras in all parts of the institute, so, a proportionate increase in both Security guards and CCTV cameras should be done to prevent such incidents in the future.

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