Institute Gyms: How Fit Are They?

Institute Gyms: How Fit Are They?

Many people hit the gym or pound the pavement to improve cardiovascular health, build muscle and of course to get a rocking body but working out has above-the-neck benefits too. Working out can help to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, boost brainpower, improve memory and controls addiction. The NITR campus also provides its populace with these amenities and presents them with an option to sweat it off or slog a few miles on the mill in the gym. Each of the boys and the girls’ hostels are equipped with gym facilities and there is also a provision of a central gym to do away with any kind of inconvenience that may be caused due to inefficient functioning of the gym equipments in the respective halls of residences. In this article, we provide a sneak peek into the gymming facilities available on campus:


Housed snugly between the swimming pool and the tennis and basketball courts, the central gymnasium is well equipped with all the paraphernalia that makes it the abode of the fitness freaks and the determined students. It receives a footfall of 25 to 30 students in the scheduled time slots. The gymnasium although equipped with myriad varieties of equipments has its own set of problems to deal with. The weighing machine is dysfunctional and the leg presses, chest presses, bench presses and back pull down chairs need minor repairs. One of the treadmills is out of order and consumes unnecessary space. The absence of the sufficient number of discs and 17.5 kilograms dumbbells further add to the mayhem. The gymnasium suffices with one trainer, who is mostly unavailable during the evening hours. Specialized benches for abs constitute a part of the desired entities for the gym. The visitors have also complained to add a smith machine and floor mats. The only silver lining currently in this cloud of problems is the hope of installation of the new music system this week.

Team MM got in touch with the Institute Gym Captain, Abhishek Kumar Sah, and put forth these issues to which he responded saying that the main problem persisting in the gym is the ill-maintenance of many time-worn exercise machines leading to their breakdown, and the shortage of budget to buy new ones. According to the gym captain, the issues have been raised repeatedly to the concerned authorities but no proper and effective action has been taken to do away with them. The procurement of the Smith machine is being delayed since the last two years due to the insufficiency of funds. He was quoted saying:

No new equipment has been bought for the gym since the last two years. The new equipment which was bought last year, was returned back owing to its mediocre quality. As the budget allocated by SAC gets bifurcated between the gym and swimming pool, it becomes inadequate to buy new equipment.


The gym operates in the time frame between 6 to 8 AM in the morning and 5:30 to 8:30 PM in the evening. It is located just in front of the Chief Warden’s office in G.D. Birla Hall of Residence. The students need to pay a monthly fee of 500 INR to be a member of the gym. It is furnished with one trainer and one helper, who aid the students. The maintenance and ambiance of the gym are a notch higher than those of the individual gyms in the halls of residences. Albeit being equipped with leg presses, leg curls, chin-ups and dips the gym faces a shortage of visitors due to the presence of gyms in all the halls of residences as well as the central gymnasium. The private gym also suffers from the problem of space crunch as the provided space does not live up to the sufficiency of accommodating all the necessary types of equipments. The absence of a proper first aid kit also adds to the demerits.


All gymnasiums in the halls of residences fall under this category. As mentioned earlier, each hall has its own exclusive gym, meant to be used by the respective boarders:


Both these gyms are dormant owing to the equipments being shifted from the original gymnasium to other rooms where they are not properly maintained and are inefficacious. As of late, the boarders have no proper availability of gym facility in the hostels. The CVR Sports Secretary, Richi Routray, brought to light the fact that the gym maintenance fund is a part of the hostel funds and funds for the purchase of new equipment also has to be extracted from the hostel funds. So its very tough to allocate budget for the procurement of new equipments. Regarding the shifting of the gym equipment, she says:

The gymnasium has been converted into an emergency accommodation for visiting students. I have talked to the warden regarding this and even suggested using the TV room for accommodating the visitors but they are unwilling to do so, and hence the gym equipments are still there in the TV room. 

She even mentioned about scheduling of a meeting very soon in order to discuss the development of the gym in CVR.


The gym in S.D. Hall of Residence suffices with a small room and some basic equipment in spite of having a large room which could be used for this purpose. The student representatives of the hall forwarded the list of vendors along with a list of needed equipment to the warden, but subsequently, the warden stated that the order procurement would be done through GeM (Government e-Marketing) only and not through the local vendors. Moreover, the GeM official website has no availability of gym equipment and based upon the restrictions imposed by the authorities, students are not entitled to buy the gym machines from the local vendors. If the same situation continues, the gym of SD hall would remain a dream this year too. Team MM brings to you the screenshot of the search result on the GeM website:

The General Secretary of the Hall, Bhaskor Jyoti Hazarika remarked that:

Not even a Bench is available on GeM and our suggestions to procure equipments from the local vendors has fallen into deaf ears. We are truly helpless in this regard.


The M.V. and V.S. gymnasiums are in a better state as compared to those in the other halls, the conclusion being drawn on the basis of the availability of new equipment, no. of boarders visiting during the evening hours, and a completely functional music system. The MV Hall has no plans to buy any new equipment this year. Regardless of the fact that these gyms are a level higher than the other gyms, they have their own adversities to face, which sum up to the absence of cardio machines, proper lights and fans, first aid kits, ventilation outlets and most importantly a trainer. The VS Sports Secretary Abhishek Kumar mentioned about bringing a new set of equipment this year which includes:

  • Hack Squat
  • Standing Rack
  • Barbell
  • Curl Bar


The gymnasium of DBA Hall seems to be outdated, with broken mirrors and utilities that have become obsolete since a long time. Team MM contacted the Sports Secretary of the Hall, Md Hasim, who confirmed that repairs and replacement work for the restoration of the gym will commence this year itself and an amount of INR 50000 has been sanctioned for the same.

The HB gymnasium is a bit more equipped and maintained as compared to the DBA gym but it has ample scope for improvement. Ajay Behera, Sports Secretary of the hall told Team MM that the new set of equipment has been ordered by us and the dysfunctional ones will be repaired or replaced within the next 15 days.

Suggestions for improvement:

Team MM caught up with the gym enthusiasts from the various halls of residence and a generalized form of the suggestions put forth by them entailed:

  • Availability of a dedicated gym trainer
  • Extension in gym timings especially during the evening slots
  • First aid kits in all the gyms
  • Proper maintenance of gym equipment
  • Disposing obsolete entities, so as to avoid space crunch

There are an abundant number of gyms in the institute but none of them serve their absolute purpose because they lack in one aspect or the other. A better solution would be to do away with all the gyms in the respective halls of residences and to make a way to expand the Central Gymnasium and the Private Gymnasium along with supplementing them with all the necessary equipments, so that they might be furnished to accommodate more visitors and produce the desired befitting results. This idea, if implemented could spare the authorities from worrying about procuring resources for the maintenance of so many gyms and would rather streamline their attention into keeping up with a limited number of versatile gyms.

On a final note, it can be said that although there is a provision of gym facilities in the NITR campus still a consistent surveillance for the maintenance of all the gymnasiums is a must. Team MM hopes that the authorities pay heed to this and do the needful.


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