Moodle : Underutilised Or An Unnecessary Add-On ?

Moodle : Underutilised Or An Unnecessary Add-On ?

Oct 23, 2017 | Amlan Arman

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NIT Rourkela, being one of the premier technological institutes in the country, is advancing vastly in the field of academics. For the advancement to be in the positive direction, the teaching-learning process needs to be upgraded to the latest one. Moodle was introduced for the sole purpose of satisfying this dire need of upgrading the teaching-learning process as well realizing the dream of a Digital India.

As of late, Moodle has not satisfied its sole purpose and has faced several criticisms amongst the NITR junta. So, Team MM decided to conduct a survey regarding this issue.

Has Moodle served as a good add-on to improve the teaching-learning scenario of the institute?

An overwhelming 56% responded as No, it hasn't served as a good add-on as expected, due to underutilization of the same. Moodle was created for the purpose of providing a digital interface to the faculties through which they can forward their lectures, presentations, assignments, etc to their students but the scenario is far from ideal and the students are unable to fully utilize the digital interface.

A dismal 20% responded as Yes, it facilitates the teaching-learning process through a digital interactive platform. This indicates that there is still some ray of hope that Moodle hasn’t totally lost its purpose and there are some who use this platform to convey their information.

The second highest share which comprised of the 24% of the total responses, do not have any idea about the issue as their faculty doesn't use Moodle for interaction. This shows as to how the faculties, as well as the students, have failed to utilise an effective medium like Moodle for interactive communication along with classroom discussions.

Summing up, it can be said that Moodle was a great initiative by the institute, but the dismal usage of the platform has marred its existence in the future. The faculty of the institute can actively use Moodle to share any kind of information that they want and awareness needs to created among the NITR junta regarding the usage of Moodle as an interactive platform.

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