Invigorating Innovation: AWALK

Invigorating Innovation: AWALK

Niharika Zakiya Ali | Oct 30, 2017

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The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

In this era of automation, where innovative ideas have revolutionized the globe and idiosyncratic visions rule the world, an enthusiastic bunch of NIT Rourkela’s students came up with a new-fangled product development company, Awalk, which aims at creating products with cutting-edge technology. Awalk witnessed its inception in August 2016 and deals in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) and Automation.

The founding members of Awalk include:

G Vamsi Krishna: CEO, Firmware Design,

A Sai Anudeep: CTO, Systems Design,

Cherukuri Raviteja: Product Manager,

K Vamsi Krishna- R & D lead, Hardware Design; and

Omprakash PatraSoftware Architect of the company.

The initial funding for the startup arrived from their first customer who paid them money in advance to design a product and this agreement invigorated them to strive for success. The members of Awalk also secured the Semi-finalist position in DST and Texas Instruments INC India Innovation Challenge Design Contest, 2016 and the cash reward boosted their funding. The competition was among startups and there were various sectors like health, agriculture, transportation etc.and Awalk had participated in the domain of wearables.

As quoted by Cherukuri Raviteja, product manager of Awalk,

We saw that there is a vast scope in the field of Automation and the Government of India is also providing sufficient funds to boost the culture of startups. Moreover, we witnessed that India lags behind in the field of IoT and Automation and it has yet not penetrated into the daily lives of people. We started working on Home Automation and recently extended our domains to Street Light Automation.

With the vision of enhancing lives using Technology and Innovation, Awalk has been working on launching several products such as:

Saisha:  It is a Home Automation Product with which, one can control all the electronic appliances in the house from a mobile app. Furthermore, this product aims to secure homes and reduce their power consumption. Awalk also offers Home Automation Solutions to customers based on their interests and needs.

Street Lighting Automation:  It aims to reduce unnecessary electricity wastage by having different power saving modes like light-based, presence-based and time-based scheduling for on/off control of streetlights. In addition, individual control of lights is possible with this product. It also comes with the failsafe mode, which is of great help in the event of system failure.

Secu -Wear:  It is a standalone wearable band, which can monitor user’s vitals, Air Quality, Physical impact and provide quick response in case of accidents by notifying their loved ones and alerting the emergency services for a swift action hence help saving valuable lives.

While the home automation product is almost completed, Secu-wear and Streetlight automation are under progress and will hopefully be ready to use in the near future. In Addition to this, Awalk is currently developing smart valves for smart city water network in collaboration with valve manufacturers Natraj Iron & Castings.

Talking about their future plans, CEO of Awalk, G Vamsi Krishna said,

We intend on developing portable soil testers but the primary issue is that the technology for developing them is quite expensive and hasn’t been put to use yet. Currently, we are focussed on scaling our products to make it available to the general public.

Awalk is also conducting an exhibition in Innovision’17 -the upcoming Techno-Management Fest of NITR, where they will showcase their ideas and also have an open store where electronic components, as well as spare parts, will be sold at cheaper and reliable rates.

They attribute much of their success to Prof. A.K. Sahu, Prof S.K. Patra, and M.N. Anand Babu for being their mentors and providing them with the much-needed guidance and support throughout their journey. TIIR has provided them with basic necessities such as electricity and a room which was initially allotted to two more companies that fortunately did not turn up thus leaving Awalk team as the sole occupant. Now, Awalk operates from there cultivating ideas and developing products on par with the rapidly modernizing world to make our day to day life easier.

The registration of incubation centre of NIT Rourkela known as FTBI with StartUp India has given a new ray of hope to the founders of Awalk. The FTBI will work for arranging the much-needed funds for Awalk and other such startups. Over and above that, Awalk got recognition by StartUp India a week ago which has boosted up the morale’s of the members filling them with renewed vigour and impelling them to achieve greater heights.

Team MM wishes these innovating entrepreneurs succeed in their future endeavours and we hope that they serve as an inspiration to all those people who wish to take the path less trodden, who dream to be great entrepreneurs someday.

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