New In-Time Rule: Caging The Benevolent?

New In-Time Rule: Caging The Benevolent?

Rohit Dash | Oct 30, 2017

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In the span of a month, NITR had to witness an array of unacceptable episodes of abominable incidents that made the NITR junta question, there once impenetrable castle’s security, thus forcing the authorities to take some steps.

Also at the same time, the rule of hostel in-time of 11 pm made rounds. While some took this in-time rule negatively, others mocked at its naivety. Moreover, this rule made rounds when the students of various other colleges of the country were going for peaceful protests and strike to abolish these stringent and gender biased laws that would always be inclined towards the common trend of “doing nothing and caging the maltreated” to “ensure” their safety. Thus to get to know the feelings of the NITR junta over this issue, Team MM conducted a weekly poll on “How do you want the late entry rule to be implemented on the campus?” And here is it's analysis.

A majority of 68% voters felt that “having a campus in-time of 11 pm and no in-time for any of the halls of residence” would be the correct option.

While the campus in-time of 11 pm is an appropriate restriction necessary for ensuring the safety and security of the students, the hostel in-time of the female hostels of CVR and KMS come out to be a bit archaic and patriarchal, questioning the policy of gender equality itself. Having a campus in-time of 11 PM would ensure that the students are within the safe boundaries of the campus and thus prevent them from any mishaps whatsoever. Also, there can be exceptions to this rule, provided that the boarders are backed with a solid reason.There will be a provision for extending the in-time for club activities and other such reasons, with proper prior permission from the authority in charge.

A considerable 27% of the voters felt that the “Present rule of late entry should continue with the in-time of 11 pm being applicable to only KMS and CVR halls of residence”.

Some of the voters felt that, while the campus in-time of 11 pm is necessary but its not sufficient for the security of the female students, thus an in-time for the girl's hostels of CVR and KMS halls of residence should be in effect as well. Along with a campus in-time of 11 pm, having the hostel in-time of 11 pm for the girls was opinioned as the 2nd most viable option.This would safeguard the female populace of the campus from the harrowing incidents that were inflicted upon some of the girls in the past month by some miscreants.

While this rule is a straight question on the issue of gender equality & the freedom of female boarders as it restricts the freedom of one for the lack of insurance of their security (which is the responsibility of the institute), but still this seems to be an option to drop down the threat level for the students.

A minor 5% of the total voters felt “that there should be a hostel in time of 11 pm for all hostels.

This step to restrict all the students to their hostels after 11 PM was thought to be one of the viable options for ensuring their security and safety. While this step is an outright debacle on paper still a minor yet 5% of our populace feels this to be the most appropriate plan of action, probably due to the recent mishaps in several halls of residence.

Ideally, the freedom of the students shouldn’t be restricted inside their own college campus, but some voters felt it as a necessity as this measure would serve the purpose of keeping the students within the tightly guarded boundaries of their hostels.


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