Sherlocked In Civil

Sherlocked In Civil

Barnali Priyadarshini | Nov 06, 2017

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Due to lack of knowledge about surrounding nature, the concept of materials and architectural mistakes the failure in structures take place. It is essential to have in-depth knowledge in order to detect problems on spot and eradicate engineering disasters.

Taking on this idea, the Institute Of Civil Engineering (ICE) conducted an event named "Sherlocked In Civil".

This event involved a case study concerning certain failures relating to the principles of Civil engineering where participants had to find out the root cause of the failure and give an investigation report of the same. Scheduled to start at 9.30 AM on the 4th of November 2017 at LA 317, the event was delayed by an odd 30 minutes due to lack of participants. The event was successfully coordinated by Kharavel Pradhan and Jyoti Dewangan, who were the coordinators of the event.

The rules abided by the participants were pretty simple:
1. The event was open to all.
Maximum duration of presentation was noted to be 10 minutes.
3. The teams had to present their investigation report (in the form of
 PowerPoint Presentation) during an event.
4. The decision of judges would be final and binding.

The event failed to witness a large crowd. There were only 6 groups who showed up for the event which made up to 15 participants. The coordinators had given a problem statement on the 16th of the previous month, and the students had to prepare the presentation on it beforehand, as it was not an on-spot event. But the issue pertained to the fact that most of the participants presented without any knowledge of the problem statement, which proved to be a setback for the event as it gained very few participants eventually.

Despite the setbacks, the event went on smoothly. The presentations were evaluated by the judges on the basis of content, relevancy, accuracy and fluency. The top one-third teams were selected for the second round, which was a question answer round. Among those teams, a winner was decided as per total scored points (0.7*points in presentation round+ 0.3* points in question answer round).

Subrat Kumar Barik and Bhaktcharan Das were declared as the winners and Smruti Soumya, Jyotiranjan Sahoo and Bikash Ranjan Kanhar as the runners-up for the event.

Kharavel Pradhan quoted:

In the field of engineering, the importance of safety is emphasized. Learning from past engineering failures and infamous disasters such as the ‘Challenger Explosion’ brings the sense of reality to what can happen when appropriate safety precautions are not taken. Our main objective was to portray this to the gathering.


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