Elucidating The Dilemmas: Ask A Question 10.0

Elucidating The Dilemmas: Ask A Question 10.0

Niharika Dalai | Nov 06, 2017

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With the latest version of Ask a Question, Team MM brings the solutions to your recently posted queries from respective authorities.


MM: What is the current status of railway concession forms? When can we avail the facility?

BA: Earlier we were giving the railway concession forms and we used to get those from Chakradharpur which is the nodal office for this region. But now Chakradharpur has stopped supplying the concession forms. So, we don’t have any idea when the provision of concession forms is going to start again.


MM: Why don’t we initiate TA award so that TA’s get motivated to help students?

KKM: We have actually never thought about this implementation. It is a good suggestion and we will definitely think about this. This system is there in most of the global universities and we will definitely take it up.

MM: Is biometric leave given for SAC purposes?

KKM: If a student applies for SAC leave and gets it approved by the Dean Student welfare, then automatically it is changed in the biometric attendance that the student is on duty for SAC purpose.

MM: The revised curriculum of integrated M.Sc has electronics and electrical labs as compulsory subjects. Basic science students should be given labs that are important and more relevant to their core subjects. Why are the engineering subjects again imposed on M.Sc students after the first year?

KKM: Pursuing integrated M.Sc subjects at technical institutes is somewhat different from other institutes. So, electrical and electronics labs and certain computer courses are important especially for students studying integrated chemistry and physics. The department has to come and tell us so that we can take up the matter in the Senate and modulate accordingly

MM: Why are only six leaves provided to the final year students for placement and SAC purposes? Considering the fact, a lot of companies are visiting the campus this session for placement purposes and students have to participate in pool campuses, shouldn’t the number of leaves be increased to 12?

KKM: Firstly, students should be pragmatic and six leaves for training and placement is good enough. The number of leaves has been fixed to six after a lot of discussions with Deans and HODs in meetings. Students should sit in those interviews in which they are confident enough to get placed. If the number of leaves is increased, then students will keep on missing classes and their CGPA will fall which will create further issues. Moreover, in the eighth-semester students appear for GATE examination which is important for all public sector recruitments. So we want our students to be equally reasonable as far as studies are concerned. So six is a good number and this has come up after a lot of debate. It cannot be changed immediately but if there is a heavy demand then we will again discuss and whatever modulation can be done we will try to do.


MM: Are parents not allowed inside the campus to visit the students after the implementation of new security rules? If not, what is the formal procedure of applying for the pass?

SD: Parents are always allowed to visit the students and no restrictions are imposed on them. After the implementation of the new rules, the concerned student whose parents are visiting the campus needs to take permission from his/her respective warden. The permission can either be in a written form or simply the warden can inform me or the security guards regarding the parents visiting the campus.


MM: What about the leftover student book fees? If some money is left even after purchasing books, then will it be refunded?

BJ: The student's book fees have been removed from this academic year. So we will revise the transactions details and forward them to the competent authorities who will look into this matter.


MM: Why are online scholarship applications for National Scholarship portal not yet verified by the institute even though the last date for verification is approaching?

AKB: The last date for verification of the application forms is 15th November. We received the User ID and password for logging in into the portal on 3rd November. So, we will be verifying all the forms before the last date.

MM: Why academic office on the first floor is opened only at 5:15 to 6:15 p.m.? Students are facing a lot of problems because academic officers are not even listening in other timings.

AKB: Firstly, the students should approach the faculty advisors if they have any problems related to academics. If they do not get a proper reply then they can approach the academic officers. The timing for visiting the academic office for students is fixed for one hour with the motive to control the crowd. In case of an emergency, students can directly approach me and if required I will direct them to some of our staffs.


MM: Geysers in KMS ‘C’ block are not working since the start of the semester reason being tripping of the fuse. The fuse also trips on charging laptops. Short circuit in the same block is well known but still, no action is being taken to resolve the issue. Despite taking extra hall seat rent students are deprived of the basic facilities. What is the reason behind this?

YK: The issue regarding the tripping of fuse had come up at the beginning of the semester. So we got the wires checked and found out that they had all been short-circuited. A major part of the wiring of C-block was then replaced with new wires. Although the complaints had reduced, we still got a few more complaints regarding tripping. We raised the issue in the HMC to increase the current by an ampere or two but it was not taken up seriously. The fact that increasing the range of current would require changing the entire wiring of the block is another factor which cannot be overlooked. Other than that we have got all the geysers fixed recently and if not then we will make them functional soon.


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