Voyage to Victory: IIT BHU Sports Fest’17

Voyage to Victory: IIT BHU Sports Fest’17

Deepak Kumar Zakiya Ali | Nov 13, 2017

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Getting bigger and better with each passing year, SPARDHA, the Annual Sports festival of IIT BHU, witnessed a larger contingent from NIT Rourkela this year. The institute badminton, volleyball, cricket, lawn tennis and table-tennis teams had taken part in the tournament this year. Monday Morning celebrates their achievements and values their contribution towards enhancing the sporting reputation of NITR. Following is a detailed report on NITR’s performance in the tournament.



Performance In Spardha’2016

Performance In Spardha’2017


Runners Up

Eliminated in Play-Offs (Played by top six teams of the tournament)


Eliminated in Group Stage (Both male and female)

Eliminated in Group Stage (male),
Champions (female)



Eliminated in Group Stage


Eliminated in Group Stage




Pre Quarter-finalists



Male team

The male badminton team had a tough time in the tournament and were bowed out after the group stages. The team lost against NIEC Delhi’s team, which eventually finished 3rd in the tournament.

The captain, Nihar Ranjan Behera, said that the team was in good spirits and he believes that there were plenty of positives to be taken from this defeat. He was quoted saying,

The players were new and inexperienced. We were not habituated to playing with feather shuttles, as the institute only provides us with plastic shuttles. Every failure is a lesson, so we hope to take this in a positive way and prepare well for the forthcoming sports fest and Inter-NIT events.

Female Team

Meanwhile, the female badminton team exceeded all expectations by winning gold, thereby making the entire institute proud. They dispatched ITE and Inverties College in the league stage, before thrashing the hosts IIT BHU in the semi-finals. The girls faced the team from IIT Kharagpur in the finals eventually winning all the games and securing the trophy. Smruti from NITR contingent collected the best player award for some scintillating displays.

Anusmita, the captain of the institute team was ecstatic about the victory, she said,

I am very proud of my team; they worked really hard prior to the tournament. Although the tournament organisers made some last-minute changes to the pool, the tournament as a whole was a good experience. The games were all good in terms of fair-play. The facilities provided were excellent. As far as help from the institute is concerned, we would ideally want to have proper feather shuttles for the entire semester and also a permanent coach.

Lawn Tennis

The team won their first match against CPU by 2-0 and qualified for the quarter-finals after a walkover, as their opponent team BBT Lucknow did not turn up. In the quarter-final, they defeated IIIT Delhi by 2-1, thus entering the semi-finals. Unfortunately, the team lost to IIT Delhi in the semi-final match by 2-0.

The team captain, Devashish Sood, quoted,

One of our players got injured on the morning we had the train to BHU. The extra player was also not available that day, therefore only 3 members could go for the tournament. Moreover, the condition of the tennis court is worsening day by day with cracks getting bigger each time but the authorities have promised to renovate it soon. Adding to our grief, we were supplied with only one or two ball barrels before the tournament which is not sufficient for practice.



The volleyball team had a decent outing, and they made it to the pre-quarterfinals. In the pre-quarters, they lost to a team from UPES. The captain was optimistic that this will prove to be a learning curve for the team and they will win more matches in the upcoming tournaments.

Speaking about issues faced by the members the captain, Sambit said,

The ball we used to practice with is a heavier ball compared to the ball that was used in the tournament. In sports like volleyball, these things matter a lot because it can affect your ball-service and shooting. We also didn’t have much practice as the lights in the volleyball court were not functioning for the last 5 days before leaving. As far as the tournament is concerned, it was a pretty good experience for the entire team.


The format of the tournament was such that there were 4 teams in one group and the winners of the group stage qualified for the league stage. The Table Tennis team of NITR had to face UIET in their first match which they lost. Next, they played against IIT Mandi, which they also lost by a borderline score of 3-2.

The team captain, Asish Agarwal who is a national level player said,

The team was not able to practice much as there were 8 players but only one table was available. A new table was purchased last semester after incessant requests but it wasn’t installed until two weeks before the tournament as there was a billiards table in DTS which the authorities hesitated from relocating. Furthermore, after 9 pm, the guard didn’t allow them to practice in DTS although they had a key. Thus, they had to shift their practice to MSS. Also, the team was not skilled. Table tennis is not a game which you can learn just by seeing or watching YouTube videos. It requires immense wrist power, stamina, and practice to control a ball in a puny area like the table. The team could have definitely performed better if they had a coach.



The format of the tournament was such that there were 18 teams which were divided into 6 groups. The cricket team of NITR had SRGECM and IIT Ropar’s team in their group.

They won their first match of 18 overs against SRGECM by beating the latter’s score of 108 runs in just 11 overs with their opening batsman Eric scoring a splendid 55 runs. They won the next match against IIT Ropar’s team thus emerging as leaders of their group. Unfortunately, they could not maintain their winning streak and lost to NIT Allahabad by 20 runs and then to IIT-BHU (Alumni) by 7 runs.

On a tete a tete with the team captain, Debananda Behera, he was quoted saying,

Compared to Spardha'16, the team hasn’t been able to perform well this year. This can be attributed to a variety of facts. The primary glitch was the lack of experience of the players. The current team has only 4 senior players while the rest of them are a novice to the ways of the game. There were new inductees in the team who played their first official match at Spardha and thus were not able to handle the pressure. Also, the team lacked synchronization and understanding which can only develop with time.

A new team will be formed after the Inter-hall tournaments. Around 30 players from the various halls will be shortlisted and based on their performance in the practice match; they will get inducted into the team. The team captain has high hopes for the upcoming Sports Fest as well as Inter-NIT tournament. Recently, in a meeting of the captains with the Director, the sports teams have been assured that if not all, at least some teams will be provided with a professional coach who could teach them the ways of their respective sports.

Team MM hopes that the teams get the necessary coaching and prove their mettle again in the fore coming sports festivals bringing glory to our Institute.


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