Resolving Uncertainities: Right To Leave

Resolving Uncertainities: Right To Leave

The dilemma of the entire concept of leaves still persists among the students of NITR with many doubts and incertitude. The entire procedure for applying for leaves is still very unclear today. Team MM brings you the listicle of various kinds of leaves and the entire procedure to be followed for getting leaves approved.


Academic leave is granted to final year B-tech students, Mtech students and Ph.D. students under concerned academic purposes like paper presentation, conference seminar or any workshop. The leave has to be applied for prior to the participation. The foremost step in this regard is the application for leave in the NITRIS portal by uploading proper documents such as correspondence with the institution to be visited, acceptance of the paper, abstract of the paper, conference brochure etc. Once the online form is filled, the leave needs to be approved by the faculty advisor or the supervisor. The following step covers the suggestions of the Head of the Department (HOD) in regard to the particular leave. The student has to be present in person to get the leave approved by the faculty advisor and the HOD. Taking into account the recommendation of the HOD, the academic section of the institute verifies the documents uploaded by the student erstwhile. Finally, the leave is approved subject to the examination of the Dean Academic’s examination of the application.

However, in cases of foreign travel for academic purposes, the concerned student has to get an additional permission from the director, while other procedures followed remains the same.

Based on the number of applications, the academic section checks the portal on a regular basis every week to verify the documents. The entire process of getting an academic leave sanctioned generally spans the course of a week. However, in case of an urgency, the student can notify the academic section personally for expedited clearance. The students of pre-final years can also be granted special permission of academic leave in the offline mode if the authorities consider the reason as legitimate grounds. In such cases, the students can directly approach the academic office for further clarifications.


As per the existing rules of the campus, a student must visit the doctors at the dispensary in case of illness. After proper examination of the medical condition of the student, leave is granted to the student concerned depending on the severity of the ailment. The doctors grant medical leave for at least one day, following which the leave is sanctioned by the academic section. The leave is automatically updated in the NITRIS portal. In every case involving a medical leave, the student has to be present in person for the check-up procedure. The institute ambulance can be contacted if the student is unable to travel to the dispensary. In cases of serious illness or accidents, the doctors can provide a referral to CWS or IGH for further treatment.

Once a student is admitted to a hospital with or without the referral from the dispensary, he/she has to apply for leave within 15 days of being discharged from the hospital. The first step in this regard is to print and fill the medical leave form available on the institute’s website. The student has to obtain the signature of his/her faculty advisor and needs to deposit the form in the dispensary along with the required documents like medical certificate, pathology reports, prescriptions etc. Medical certificates or rest prescriptions are required for sensitive purposes. The absence of valid certificates may lead to the rejection of the leave application. After verifications of the documents, if the doctor considers the matter to be a major health issue, the form is forwarded to the academic office. The academic section examines the form and passes it to the department office. Once the verification process is completed, the leave is approved by the HOD and the academic section is notified of the same. The leave is automatically reflected in the NITRIS portal. According to the rules of the institute, the total number of leaves and unauthorized absence should not exceed 24.


Calamity leaves cover cases involving sudden and unforeseeable reasons for requiring a leave, such as the cases of death or matters of importance as such. Seeing as a person does not and will not remember to follow an official procedure while dealing with a calamity, all one needs to do is intimate their faculty advisor or HOD before leaving the campus, so as to keep a record of the same.

Upon returning to the campus, one needs to bring a document supporting his/her claim for the application of a leave. To apply for calamity leaves, one needs to fill up a form that is available online in the NITR website and the NITRIS portal, and submit it in the department office, along with the document.

There are no limitations on the number of days that can be covered under the umbrella of calamity leave. However, the rule governing the maximum number of classes that one can miss for particular course stands. Students pursuing their masters’ degree and research scholars have five stipulated leaves that can be availed under calamity leaves, apart from the fifteen casual leaves granted in a year. This can be subjected to an extension if need be.


Training and placement leave likened to TnP leave, can be availed when one needs to miss classes to appear for placements or internships and project opportunities. The procedure to apply for this leave is the simplest of all, one need not apply for the leave. This is because when the students appear for a particular job offer or internship, the placement cell of the institute conducts a roll call to document the names of all those who are present. The students appearing for the processes are asked if they want a TnP leave for the day in question, and if they are to answer in the affirmative, they are granted the attendance for the same day.

There is no provision to apply for TnP leave if a person has not intimidated the placement cell for the need of a leave, before sitting for a process. This prevents the abuse of ones TnP leaves.

One can apply for a maximum of six leaves either under Training and Placement or under SAC, apart from personal leaves. No additional leaves, apart from the stipulated six, can be availed under these categories.


SAC leaves are generally availed by students for two purposes. The first case wherein the student represents the institute in any fest, competition or event organised by other institutes. The students participating in such events should apply for these leaves either before or after leaving for the host institute. It is always preferable to apply SAC leaves before leaving the campus and preference is given to students participating in government institutes having equal or higher rank than NITR. The second case covers the leaves for the students working for the fests organised by the institute like Roots, Innovision, Nitrutsav etc.

The procedure for applying leaves for both the cases consists of two steps. The first step includes the submission of an application form mentioning the dates, list of participants and other necessary details of the event. If students of a club are participating in competitions held in another institute, then an application form listing the names, roll numbers and registration numbers of participants at the host institute needs to be submitted to the faculty advisor along with all the necessary details and attachments like invitation letter from the host institute. The application form must be signed by the president and faculty advisor of the club concerned, which is then forwarded to the Vice President of the respective society to which the club belongs. This form then needs to be signed by the President of SAC, Dean Students Welfare and Dean Academics. In the second step, each student needs to apply for the leave through NITRIS portal by filling up an online leave application form with all necessary details. A scanned copy of the signed application form and invitation letter from the host institute needs to be attached while submitting the online application form. The online application is verified and approved by the Vice President of the society to which the club belongs. Finally, either the President, SAC, Dean Students Welfare or Dean Academics grant the leaves after the approval of the online application.

During the fest, the students can avail leaves by following a similar procedure. The fest convener has to submit an application listing the names and roll numbers of students who have worked for a given number of days. This form needs to be signed by the Vice President of the society organizing the fest, which is then signed by the President of SAC, Dean Students Welfare, and Dean Academics. After getting this form signed, every student needs to attach a scanned copy of this signed sheet while submitting the online leave application form in the NITRIS portal. The leaves are then granted after following a similar approval procedure as mentioned in the first case.

The information presented has been collected to the truest state and to the best ability of our reporters. However, in case of any discrepancy feel free to contact the academic office for further clarification.


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