From Heracles' Chamber: Games and Sports Society Review

From Heracles' Chamber: Games and Sports Society Review

Sports and academic finesse have always gone hand-in-hand in NITR with some of the best training facilities, grounds and not to forget the national level, trophy-winning players who sweat every evening to bring laurels for the institute. A large variety of sporting disciplines are actively encouraged in NITR and regular events are organized to ensure holistic development of the student community, both at recreational and competitive levels. The teams have been constantly winning bigger laurels for us, notably, the recent championship wins of the Institute hockey team at Udghosh, IIT-Kanpur and Gold medals in Athletics (Men’s relay and Discus Throw) and Gym (Bodybuilding) in MNIT Jaipur.

[Details of achievements can be found in the Team Manager’s Reports circulated via webmail]

In this issue, we highlight the nitty-gritty of the Games and Sports Society of Student Activity Centre, NITR which is the backbone of support and organization of sporting activities in the institute. The Games and Sports Society was diversified from the Physical Education and Sports Department (which had only 2 physical training Instructors Dr PK Rout and Dr TR Patnaik, now SAS officers) and brought under the sanctum of SAC post-2012. (

The Games and Sports society, SAC is the pivotal body that oversees all day-to-day as well as annual schedules for the various teams including participation in inter and intra-collegiate events, the budget and expenses, rules and drafting of new proposals and project and maintenance activities concerning the sporting infrastructure of NITR, to name a few. The annual review of Monday Morning as given below seeks to focus on every cog of this hierarchical system, starting from achievements in the past few months to the status of work done on various aspects to financial matters. Further, we reached out to the various captains and players regarding the problems plaguing them and sought responses from the members of the society with the hope of facilitating a speedy alleviation to these issues. Read on to learn more about our review.


Under the constitution of the SAC, the various sports disciplines, teams, policies, etc. are managed by the Games and Sports Society which is constituted of both elected and nominated student representatives, as well as faculties in advisory/supervisory roles. As of the current year (2017), the members are:

Vice Presidents

Prof RC Pradhan (FP)


Prof NK Vissa (ER)


Student Secretaries

Buddiga Bhargava Suresh

2nd year

Abinash Sahoo

3rd year

Mukesh Kumar Apat

4th/5th year

Rongali Charanteja


Rayadu Roshan

Dean’s Nominee (3rd year)

SAS Officers

Dr PK Rout


Dr TR Pattnaik


Fest Conveners (ASM)

Animesh Panda

4th/5th year

Vineeth Radhakrishna Kurup

3rd year

Debabrata Mohapatra

Dean’s Nominee


The Professors in charge of Extra Academic Activities (EAA) i.e., faculty in charge of NSS and physical education, Dr Patnaik, Dr Rout and Ms Purnima Joshi who are the ex-officio members of the Executive council of SAC are a very integral part of Games and Sports in NITR. They not only serve as temporary coaches, trainers in various sports, but also accompany and mentor travelling teams from NITR as Team Managers in various events.


The teams and players of NITR have been regularly participating in major annual events both inside and outside the institute, including notable ones this year like Spardha (IIT BHU), Udghosh (IIT Kanpur), Inter-NIT Football Championship(Agartala) and the Inter-NIT Athletics and Gym competition MNIT Jaipur.

The Inter-NIT events for the current academic year are given below:


Host NIT

Proposed Month/Date


NIT Kurukshetra (Volletball, TT & Chess)

2nd week of March 2018


NIT Calicut (Cricket)

2nd week of Feb. 2018


NIT Warangal (Basketball, Badminton & Lawn Tennis)

27th-29th Jan 2018


NIT Suratkhal (Swimming, Kabbadi, Handball & Hockey)

19th -21st Jan 2018


NIT Agartala (Football, Yoga & Kho-Kho)

26 - 29th  Oct. 2017


NIT Jaipur (Athletics, Body Building, Power & Weight Lifting)

1st – 20th Nov. 2017



The total budget allocated for the Games and Sports Society is INR 12 lakhs. The budget for the upcoming sports fest is decided as 8 lakhs, while 13 lakhs have been allocated to Swimming Pool and 7 lakhs for Inter NIT events. The institute covers all the expenses for an Inter NIT tournament while for other tournaments, it covers only registration, first-aid and travel allowances.


Under the latest restructuring of the SAC, the number of annual student fests has been reduced to 3, albeit including plans for the revival of the Annual Sports Meet(ASM) that was abandoned for four years since 2014. The prospects for organizing the fest looked dreary until now as both the general NITR community and the organizers are almost clueless in the manner of the organization. The Director has welcomed students to come up with a PoA, and constructive meetings have been held recently to determine the schedule, structure and other details concerning the fest. A budget of roughly 8 lakhs has been sanctioned by SAC for the organization, hiring professional referees, ground preparation, publicity; and supernumerary expenses might be met through sponsorships or registration collections. The VP, Prof. RC Pradhan also promised that funds may be provided later as per requirement, as the conveners still feel the amount is dangerously less to organize all the sports. The dates have been decided to be from 12th to 14th January.

The other details pointed out tentatively by Prof. R.C Pradhan and the convener Animesh Panda are:

The participation criterion is that only the students of state and central govt. technical colleges from all over India will be allowed to participate. No private colleges would participate in the events. By 15-20th November, invitations will be sent to participating teams. The website for the fest will probably be ready by the next Monday, barring the possibility of any inadvertent delays. This time considering the demands of captains of the sports teams, the society is trying to incorporate as many sports as possible in the sports fest. However, if there are less than 5 participants for a given event, it would be scrapped.

8 lakhs for the festival will include a budget for referees, food, and boarding for players and field maintenance. The target is to host a good sports festival, that will uplift the NITR banner throughout the country for sports, and will subsequently help in increasing the number of participants in future. For hockey matches, an external ground will be allocated. According to Prof RC Pradhan:

We’ll be taking RSP hockey stadium in Sec-6 free of cost and a verbal agreement has been made. Its been confirmed telephonically. The application has been sent.


While the hockey, kho-kho and handball teams still don't have a designated ground, the single big ground in DTS is used for numerous sports like football, cricket, athletics etc. Teams like chess, hockey, martial arts require expensive equipments as the existing ones have either been worn out or are insufficient in number for the players. Tennis and basketball courts, on the other hand, require an immediate resurfacing, as the paint has worn out and cracked in several places. The swimming team requests installation of water heating facilities in the pool to allow the members to practice in winter. The heavily used ground in DTS requires frequent maintenance, as the hard, stony surface makes it injury-prone for football players. Lastly, lack of coaches is a generic problem across all sports and paucity of funds make it difficult to arrange them from outside. And such teams have to do with the guidance of captains and PT instructors. On asking about these issues to VP, Prof. R.C. Pradhan, the following was his response:

  • Recently it has been agreed upon that if funds will be available then coaches will be provided for every team and sport.
  • By December, the kho kho and handball fields will be ready to be used during daytime at DTS. An effort will be made to install floodlights depending on the funds.
  • Installation of sand filters and other requests pertaining to various sports have been made, but it is getting a bit delayed because of the newly introduced GeM procedure.
  • We have carefully thought about the water heating facility for swimming pool, and about two months back an expert was called for further discussion. We came to a conclusion that it won’t be economically feasible and hence the plan is dropped out. But the installation of the geysers will be done very soon!
  • Some issues have been going with the athletic, football and hockey teams regarding fields and it’s been tried to make suitable adjustments between all the teams for making optimized use of resources.
  •  In swimming pool, gym budget has been included. Due to the repairs in swimming pool, less budget is being diverted to the gym. There are few requirements that gym captain has conveyed to us and we’ll try to fulfil it in spite of our limited budget.


Construction of a state-of-the-art Indoor Stadium has been up on the board for quite some time, and it was raised in the last alumni meet in Hyderabad in January and enthusiastically welcomed by our Hon’ble Director. However, the project hasn’t been able to see an active launch, apart from finalizing the design, so far owing to numerous institutionary red-tapes, lack of sufficient financial sanctions etc.

Basketball, Lawn tennis, Table tennis, Billiards and other facilities at PT Usha Sports Complex will be very soon modernized. The proper renovation will be done so that players can get the maximum benefits.

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