Delineating the Dilemmas: Ask a Question 12.0

Delineating the Dilemmas: Ask a Question 12.0

Sweety Shukla Zakiya Ali | Jan 08, 2018

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With the beginning of the spring semester, Team MM hereby presents the 12th edition of Ask a Question to cater to all the queries and doubts of the NITR Junta.


MM: Is there any bound agreement signed by the PhD scholars for authorship before working on a project? Does the institute advise its researchers and PI’s to go through the ICMJE protocol of publishing and follow points and methods of assignment of the authors?

KKM: No, there is no such system. It might be needed specifically for a particular student for some specific journal, but that’s not the general case. As per my knowledge, the students along with their supervisors can publish their publications and there has not been any hassle so far. Usually, if a student is taking help from a particular organisation or getting sponsorship only then, in that case, it is their moral responsibility to mention the name of that organisation in the acknowledgment section stating that they could successfully complete the publication because of the help of that organisation. However, if this question is exclusively meant for a specific student and that has to be treated individually.

MM: Since feedback forms are no longer mandatory and there is no option to suggest scopes of improvement for the teacher, how effective do you think is the new system of the feedback? Since a majority of the questions are just grammatical variations of the pre-existing ones, a lot of the students do not take it seriously.

KKM: Saying these feedback forms are not mandatory is a wrong notion. What actually happened is that the online feedback is not taken seriously by either the students or the faculties. The offline format was initiated in the last semester and it was carried out during the last week of the semester because there were some problems with the purchase of the forms since the procedure was strict and those papers arrived late. However, to make it effective, we will distribute the feedback forms around 15-20 days before the end semester exams. Students will be given around 20 minutes to fill the form and hence, they can clearly understand the questions and give a genuine feedback. Moreover, the course professor would not be taking the feedback from the students for his/her course; some other faculty will be assigned to distribute the feedback. Then that faculty will take the forms to the HOD and it is the HOD who will compile all the feedbacks and forward them to the academic section. After that, we will make the calculations on the basis of the forms and send them to the DAC (Departmental Academic Committee) of the respective departments for further examination. And if they find some lacuna in a particular professor in some specific area, then the DAC will ask him to improve. And I would not say that this feedback is similar to the last one. If you observe, the earlier one was more course oriented; instead of being a teacher feedback, it was more or less a course feedback. Now, it’s different. So, we are trying to make our teaching-learning process the best. If you still have any issues, ask your HODs and if he also does not agree, then the students can come to me and if the students are still not satisfied, they can go to the Director.

MM: Why is the institute neglecting holiday for Pongal? Can we expect a holiday for Pongal this year?

KKM: Incidentally, Pongal is on Sunday this year. So, why is another holiday on Monday needed for that? Moreover, all Central Government Institutes are allowed a total of 19 holidays per year. Since India is a secular country, we need to take care that we give holidays on all different kinds of festivals and hence, all our holidays get distributed over other festivals and it is not possible to give holidays for each and every festival.

MM: Has NIT Rourkela applied for MHRD’s initiative to upgrade top Indian institutes to below 100 ranking globally?

KKM: There is nothing of that kind. The ranking will automatically go up depending on a variety of factors such as our publications, research, infrastructure, placement, and teaching-learning process. Applying for coming under 100 will not be of any use.


MM: Why didn’t the cycle auction happen this time?

CWO: The process has not yet been started and most probably, the auction would not be taking place this year at all.


MM: How can a first-year student join AISEC?

MM: The club is almost non-active and it has not been allocated any budget this year.


MM: The ORS (Oral re-hydration solution) is a basic need of a patient and it is freely available in the Govt. Hospitals, then why our dispensary is charging for that? They can also add it to the medical Bill of the students. Why do we need to buy them if it is prescribed the Doctor?

As per the Institute policies, ORS is non-reimbursable and I cannot comment on it. Besides, the students can make Oral rehydration solution in their hostels itself by mixing salt, sugar, and water instead of purchasing it from the pharmacy. The contact number is 8280468609.

MM: How can one contact the Institute ambulance?

The Institute ambulance can be contacted by making a phone call on the official number which has been stuck on the notice board of the Institute Health Centre for reference purposes.


MM: Is there any way to know our previous prescribed medicines if we are former students?

The students currently studying in NITR can access their previously prescribed medicines by logging in to the health center portal. Since the former students do not have access to the portal, they cannot directly get information about their previous prescriptions. But their previous prescriptions will be on record and they can contact the institute as and when they require.

MM: In the NITRIS portal, the drop-down menu for ‘Search by Department’ and the input data for ‘Search by Subject Code/Name’ in the previous year question papers page is not visible because the font colour and the background colour is the same(white). Can we expect a minor update in the NITRIS portal solving these problems because searching previous papers have become too tedious and cumbersome?

PS: Well, I was not aware of that issue. However, it is a minor technicality and we will be looking into the matter to see if anything can be done.


MM: Dogs cause a big nuisance in SD Hall as they come up all the way to the 3rd floor at night to escape the cold, and pull off hung clothes from the lines. When will proper gates be installed?

Since the night canteen is present on the top floor of G block, the dogs go up in search of food and cause a nuisance. The students feed the dogs even after repeated instructions given to them for not doing so. Furthermore, the students have broken one side of the fence surrounding the hall for going to back post. Also, the main entrance is usually open until midnight thus allowing free passage of dogs as there is no security guard there. As soon as the construction work of the hall is completed, guards will be posted near the gates.


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