Bismoy Pati: Inspiring Young Minds

Bismoy Pati: Inspiring Young Minds

Sweety Shukla | Jan 22, 2018

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On a chilly Monday morning, Team MM caught up with Mr. Bismoy Pati, an alumnus of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, class of 2008. Currently serving as the Manager, Production Planning and Control, Tata Motors, Jamshedpur Area, he recently visited the campus to conduct a Tata Motors T-Talk session. Here are the excerpts from the conversation with this charming personality.

MM: Tell us something about your childhood; how were you as a child, about your growing up times and your life before joining NIT Rourkela.

BP: My house is around 25 kilometers from here in Kansbahal and I have been living there since time immemorial. I grew up in Kansbahal and both my parents were teachers. I attended school as well as college in Rourkela only. So it was a typical middle-class school going experience. I admit that as a child, I was studious and introverted and hardly used to talk to people. You cannot imagine me talking like this ten years back. However, because I was inclined towards academics, I was consistently the school topper and even topped the Class 12 board examinations.

MM: What made you pursue Mechanical Engineering from NIT Rourkela?

BP: Cars. I had a passion for cars since my childhood and it is still there. Hence, I took Mechanical Engineering. I was ready to take up Engineering in any one of the top NITs and I was really excited when I got admission in NIT Rourkela. I used to stay in the hostel and I had a lovely time; I hardly went back home. I got placed in both Accenture and Tata Motors through the campus placements and decided to continue with TATA Motors.

MM: You did your Bachelors here at NIT Rourkela. How was your experience here? Other than the academic aspect of it, how important do you think were those four years?

BP: Those four years were the best years of my life. I saw freedom for the first time in my life and that is definitely a dangerous commodity if not utilised properly. Thankfully, I did not go on the wrong path and still had lots of fun. I played games, attended various college cultural and technical fests, learnt to build small things, laid my hands on actual engineering and did a lot of quizzing.

MM: You have been working for Tata Motors for almost a decade. How were your initial experiences at the workplace as a Graduate Engineer Trainee?

BP: My initial experience was simply ‘Wow’! Tata Motors was and is still a big thing. However, at that time, Nano was launched and we had just acquired Jaguar Land Rover from the Ford Motor Company. So Tata Motors was creating a huge buzz in the market. Therefore, getting placed at TM was like a dream coming true. Though there have been lots of ups and downs, yes, I have been frustrated as well, but more or less, I am happy. My first two-three years at Tata Motors as GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee) were amazing. I got exposure in the fields of Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, Production and Quality Management. So they allowed me to grow and I would say TM has been a brilliant experience as a whole.

MM: Since you are the alumnus of this institute, how prepared do you think are our students from the industries’ point of view?

BP: Well, what I saw today at the T-Talk session is that the students here are really enthusiastic. I did not expect such a tremendous participation from the students’ side. I thought it is a Monday morning and the students must be definitely busy with their classes. However, the participation and the enthusiasm that I received were overwhelming. With so many start-ups coming up, people are becoming more experienced. Students nowadays do not want only the bookish, engineering knowledge; they want to see things from the business point of view as well. I observed students here asking me about the new developments and products, the deals that are taking place and the strategic decisions that we as a company are taking. So that bend of mind is already happening; we did not have any such knowledge or interest during our times.

MM: What was the main idea/objective behind conducting such a T-talk session here for the students?

BP: We have started a Campus Connect Program through which the various subject matter experts will be visiting campuses and will deliver lectures and information so as to help the students grow. The objective is to give students an industrial perspective, thereby contributing to their learning graph and to impart insights about Tata Motors. We have covered many institutes like ISM Dhanbad and IIT Kharagpur and hence, we came here as well.

MM: What skills or knowledge do you think are really necessary for a student graduating from a college so as to cope up with the needs of the industrial or the corporate world outside?

BP: One learns many things in college, whereas in a company, you need to specialize in one particular domain. So, you learn many things here, then when you are placed in a specific department of the company, you are supposed to learn and grow there. Therefore, the process is converging initially and then, you diverge. Whatever you like to do, please try to learn as much as you can. Do not learn only from the textbooks, take help of other resources, pursue an internship in that field and gain practical knowledge.

MM: How recently did you visit the campus and what changes did you find in the institute?

BP: I visited the institute around two years back. The most important change that one can see and touch is the infrastructure. I must say that from infrastructure’s point of view, we have done wonders. The start-up culture, the MBA courses and the coming up of so many new departments and programs are definitely great achievements.

MM: What are the hobbies that you keenly pursue?

BP: I personally love traveling, football and formula one. These three are my pressure releasing activities! (laughs). My wife and I love traveling; we ensure we go for 1-2 tours every year and so far, we have visited around fifteen countries. Other than that, I love photography which basically came out of my passion for traveling. In fact, I generally visit this campus exclusively for the purpose of bird photography.

MM: On a concluding note, would you give a few lines of inspiration for our readers?

The only thing that I would say is ‘Follow your heart’! Whatever you love doing, just start doing that. Money, fame and everything else will simply follow. Forget all the pressures; right now is the right time to start something new! If you love photography, painting or anything else for that matter, just go for that. Blindly follow your heart and you will be successful!


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