Clarifying Ambiguity: Ask a Question 13.0

Clarifying Ambiguity: Ask a Question 13.0

After the successful rendition of Ask a Question 12.0, team MM tried to take all your quries to the concerned authorities to get answers and clarify your doubts.


MM: Honeywell Technologies visited so many campuses and recruited students whereas, in our campus, it just conducted an online test. Why don't you fix a suitable date for their hiring process rather, maybe that won't end us up losing offers?

SKP: We received their contact in October. On approaching, they replied in positive and gave the date of 3rd November for the hiring process. But they informed us prior to one day of the scheduled date that they won't be able to visit our campus and would rather conduct an online test. They then wanted to visit our campus on 13th or 14th of November, but the former was already reserved for Reliance Petrochemicals and the later for Vedanta Group. We were ready to accept their offer on any other date of November, but they never reverted back to us. Later, it was evident from their Facebook page that they had conducted their hiring process at Jadavpur University and SVNIT, Surathkal only and didn't visit colleges like IIT Kharagpur and others which they were planning to before. We approached them repeatedly with all possible alternatives, but our attempts were in vain and they never really gave us a valid reason for a same.

MM: Hindalco initially allowed CH, ME, and EE for PowerPoint presentation, but later it didn't let them sit for the process. But it rather hired 14 students from the same branches of SVNIT. What do you think, where does the fault lie?

SKP: Hindalco has its criteria of recruiting students from at most 2-3 branches from each college/university. They hired students from Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments of ISM Dhanbad and SVNIT Surathkal because these institutes do not have Ceramic Engineering and Mining Engineering departments. On approaching our campus, they wanted to hire scholars from Ceramic Engineering, Mining Engineering and Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering departments. No one's to be blamed because it was based on the requirements and criteria of the company.

MM: It's very bad to see NITs ranked below us having a better placement scenario, why is that?

SKP: That's not very true, as the placement scenario has tremendously improved over the years. There has been a significant increase in the number of recruiters and there are more confirmations coming soon. The only thing that hinders our progress is the not-very-developed transportation system. We, not being very well connected to main cities creates problems but we hope the future holds the solutions to it.


MM: Why does the fest dates of NITRUTSAV coincide with the dates of Gate examination? There are so many students who appear the test, can't the dates be rescheduled?

DC: The dates were fixed according to the academic calendar and the reason for it not being rescheduled is no one ever approached us with this issue. Had there been any requisition, we would have definitely given a thought or have acted upon it.

Response from Dean Academics, Prof. K.K. Mohapatra

MM: Why is permission for an internship for MTech students not provided by our institute?

KKM: This is a wrong notion. We do provide information and permission to students regarding internships. Most of the companies want their work to remain hidden which will surely hamper the thesis of the students. So, we have to work upon a solution in which the supervisor will agree upon the disclosure of the work done by the students. Permission is being granted to the students, after understanding the situation which may vary from place to place.

MM: Why does the institute charge the safety engineering students a sum of Rs 1 lakh as tuition fees, even if there are no classroom studies and no industrial internships for the third and fourth semester?

KKM: The course of safety engineering was encountering many problems due to the ties with MDC in Bhubaneshwar. Due to these problems, the course was scrapped this year. But the students who have already enrolled in the course will have to study according to the curriculum and about the classroom. However, NIT Rourkela does indeed provide classroom studies for the course.

Response from Dean Planning and Architecture, Prof. Japesh Bera

MM: The lift in the main building remains non-functional despite several complaints and queries. Many physically challenged students and scholars are facing a huge problem due to this. Why is there a delay in work in spite of having funds?

JB: The lift in the main building has already been purchased and is presently in the main building. Only the installation part, needs to get completed. The lift will become functional within the next 15 days.


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