The Flamboyant Fare-Y Tale: VRIDDHI, 2018

The Flamboyant Fare-Y Tale: VRIDDHI, 2018

Nupur Mohapatra | Jan 24, 2018

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This weekend marked the return of the NITR sports fiesta: Vriddhi, which came in with a brand new name after four years of dormancy. The duels were high on entertainment with some landing into nail-biting terminations whilst a few of them surging into the pre-decided victory arena. The participants, as well as the audiences, had their fair share of adrenaline rushes throughout the energetic weekend. Having said all this; the management also fell short on certain grounds but things ultimately fell into place with the sturdy enthusiasm taking over all the shortcomings.

A poll was conducted by Team Monday Morning to recapitulate the faring of Vriddhi, 2018. It so turned out that 39% of the populace voted for “I did not attend Vriddhi this year”.

The major reason owing to which majority of the students could not make it to Vriddhi was the lack of enough publicity for the sports euphony. No proper schedule was displayed or circulated in the form of posters and banners which led to students of the institute staying aloof and not attending the events. The general lack of interest among the students when it comes to sports-related activities also led to the slackening of the attending populace. The four-year gap in organizing sports festival further led to thinning of the participating crowd. The fest convener, Debabrata Mohapatra was quoted saying “There was a fifteen-day grant and only a handful of people to make everything possible” which justifies the lack of proper publicity to draw in more teams.

A considerable 25% of the populace was of the mind that “The fest was not organized smoothly and was conducted in a haphazard manner”.

Such fests do not appeal to every spectator and certain sections of the crowd are bound to notice certain glitches in it. This response could be attributed to the delayed cricket matches and the cancellation of Futsal owing to cases of mismanagement by the organizing team members. The Sports Quiz was also delayed by 45 minutes. The short time allowance for the preparation of the fest followed by a tight budget allowance could have resulted in a few hiccups which are expected to be done away with in the years to come.

36% of the voters were of the opinion that, “The organizing team of Vriddhi did a good job in conducting a well-organized fest”.

Despite the few delays, the organizing team members kept in check the smooth functioning of the events and coordinated to the largest extent possible. A number of sports constituting of basketball, football, badminton were put to show. The short time window could not deter the spirits of the organizing team members and they did manage to pull off a fest by putting in their best endeavors. Almost all the audacious matches were conducted at the scheduled time accompanied by proper critical evaluation of the winning teams followed by the reverend felicitation ceremony.

The three-day indefatigable extravaganza was marred by a few deterrents still the zealous spirit of the involved individuals kept the momentum going and it turned out to be a successful event with the scope of betterment in the future years.



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