Meandering In The Educational Valley: The PeePal

Meandering In The Educational Valley: The PeePal

Niharika Dalai Samikshya | Jan 29, 2018

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This year’s coming month of February shall be the harbinger of a much revolutionary startup named ‘The PeePal which shall hit the internet and would holistically renovate the entire procedure of educational content search through the internet.


Well, let’s imagine a peepal tree with all its branches and a major trunk which holds all these branches and sustains the entire tree ecosystem. The entire tree represents education and the branches hoisted by the trunk signify the different channels through which education can be imparted, for example, YouTube, MIT open courses and so on. These channels play a vital role in feeding the idea of education and help knowledge to flow amongst the students.

The startup‘The PeePal’ acts like the main trunk of the educational tree, aggregates all best-rated contents from amongst various sources, and clubs it into a single platform. The seeker of knowledge need not go through the pain of scouring the entire internet for his desire educational content.


The founder of The PeePal, Rohit Kumar Singh is an alumnus of NIT Rourkela of the 2012 batch of Mechanical Engineering. An avid reader of Thomas Piketty, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Sadguru, he believed in the authors’ desire to create a better, more just and an equal world. Thomas Piketty in his book, Capital in the 21st Century wrote,

The rate of creation of wealth is always greater than the growth rate of the world

Day by day the world is becoming more unequal and there is an urgent need to restore the equality of the world. Rohit strongly believes that through free and good quality education this inequality can be reduced. So he came up with The PeePal to provide quality and accessible content to everyone in India.


The entire team comprises of around 10 people who are currently working in this start-up firm. People from various walks and spheres of life are a part of the program. Their team comprises of an analyst from Amazon, 3 undergraduate students from NITR, a UX and UI designer from, app developer at Micromax, Owner of Design based startup and a few more. Everybody in the team is devoting some extra time to the company to make quality education accessible to all.


Every second around 31 terabytes of data is being created on the internet. Therefore, the concept of the right people accessing the right content at the right time remains a myth. PeePal is resolving this issue by setting up a single platform which shall host every genre of educational matter and cater the right content to the right seeker. The PeePal faces the challenge of scrutinizing a huge bulk of content and segregating the best among those. But then it makes the content user-specific and offers the viewer what he needs. In simple world making personalized learning possible.


The founders state that initially providing offline content would be a little tough. However, after launching the first version of the platform, a plan shall be devised to provide offline content. After seeking permission from the content creators, their contents could be downloaded into a cheap tablet and would be assembled in tablets/other mediums. This particular software shall help users access the educational content without any internet requirement. 


Despite having a diligent and an experienced team, the foundation still faces many problems when it comes to managing the company. The major issues faced initially includes bringing right people’s to the team, motivating, funding &connecting to people, who could make this endeavour successful. The team has trodden half the path, overcoming obstacles that stand in their path, however, problems still persist which will be sorted out soon.


At present, the company is looking forward to launching its products. Further, the team has plans to become an educational aggregator in India that provides the right content to the right person at right time.

Moreover, PeePal wants to create a team that would learn more and deliver more, understand student’s needs and difficulty in the educational environment. The main priority of the team’s expansion is to make a good team comprising of developers, curators who can curate content for their platform and analysts who can make personalized learning possible.


The basic purpose of involving present students of NITR would be to nurture them & creating a team that has the ability to deliver on every possibility.

We would encourage students to come forward, help us curate quality contents, learn how products are designed & developed, suggest ideas & making accessible personalized learning for everyone in India.

Quoting a few lines for our readers, the founder of PeePal Rohit Kumar Singh says,

Believe in your dreams and ideas and in the fact that you can make a difference. Don’t stop at the barrier rather face it, find a solution and move ahead.


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