Coining Tales: Game of Cards

Coining Tales: Game of Cards

Sahithi Ravipati | Feb 05, 2018

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Four words. One Story. This was the entire concept behind the event “Game of Cards”. Game of Cards was conducted by Hourglass, the official Public Speaking club of NITR. The event was held on the 2nd day of NITRutsav, i.e. on February 3rd, 2018 in the Library lawns. Although the event was scheduled to start at 9.30 am, it began a half an hour later owing to a thin crowd. However, at the end of the day, the event had a total of 151 participants.

In the event, the participant was to pick up one card from each of the four categories. The themes of the categories were Historical Places, Retro Bands, Retro Movies and Retro Characters. Each card contained one word/phrase and participants had to use all the four keywords to frame a story. All participants were judged based on their creativity while framing their stories.

The winners of the event were Pritish and Akash from NITR while the runners-up were Rajeshri and Lisa from BJB.

The participants found the event nice and interesting. A group of students from Sambalpur said

The event initially had a slow start but as time progressed the competition turned up so it became interesting. The organizers are also very supportive and caring.

When speaking to the coordinators of the event Soumya and Snigdha, it was found that they did not run into any major problems.

Everyone at SAC was pretty cooperative. One problem though was in our requirements we asked for plastic sheets to cover our cards in order to increase the durability. SAC, however, did not provide us with the sheets. That wasn’t a major problem as we managed pretty well without the sheets.

Team MM congratulates the Game of Cards team on the success of their event and hopes to see the event be held next year as well.


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