Clash of Cars: Formula Bharat- 2018

Clash of Cars: Formula Bharat- 2018

Zakiya Ali | Feb 05, 2018

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Held in the month of January every year, Formula Bharat is an engineering design competition in which students from all over the country showcase their fabricated formula type cars that are evaluated on grounds of reliability, marketability, cost and dynamic performance. Organised from the 24th to 28th January this year at Kari Motor Speedways, Coimbatore, it saw a footfall of around 70 odd teams including NIT Rourkela’s Team RoadRunner and was graced by the presence of several internationally acclaimed like Pat Clarke and Claude Rouelle.

Before the main event, an elimination event, the Rule Quiz, was organised on 22nd April 2017. The duration of the quiz was two hours, wherein every team has to answer a total of 25 questions correctly and were given ranks on the basis of least time consumed. Though Team RoadRunner was second in line on the waiting list, due to last minute cancellations of a few teams, it got selected for the main event.

Following this selection, all the teams were given certain deadlines. On the basis of the number of deadlines met, the contesting teams were divided into three categories, which are furnished below:

  • Category A- The teams which met all the deadlines.
  • Category B -The teams which missed a few deadlines.
  • Category C -The teams which missed all the deadlines.


The category C teams had to qualify for an extra round, i.e. the Pre Technical Inspection on 24th January 2018, a day before the main event began. As Team RoadRunner had successfully met all the deadlines, they were placed in category A and consequently, their event started from 25th January 2018.

The main event primarily consisted of three rounds:
1. Static round: It again consisted of several sub rounds such as Design Report presentation, Business Presentation, Cost Report presentation, Technical Inspection, Tilt test, Noise test, and Brake test.
2. Dynamic round: It consisted of Skidpad, Acceleration, Autocross, and Fuel efficiency tests.
3. Endurance test: The last and final test in which the car designed by the selected team's race for 20 laps with a change of driver at the halfway mark.

After successful clearance of the presentation rounds as well as the technical inspection and the tilt test, when Team RoadRunner went for the noise test, the engine of its vehicle even after repeated attempts, did not start. This was when the team members realised that its intake system had cracked. Dejected, they returned to their pit, trying to fix the crack with all their might. Unfortunately, as the crack had spread deeper to an inaccessible region, they could only manage to cover the crack on the outer side. Consequently, they were not entitled to participate in further rounds but due to their performance in other static rounds, the team was ranked 20 with K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai declared as the winner.

When asked about the team’s performance, the Vice Captain, Abhijeet Behera was quoted saying,

Our team performed better compared to the previous three years. Furthermore, our team surpassed all other NITs excluding NIT Kurukshetra in terms of design and overall performance. However, the cracking of the intake system that occurred was impossible to mend at that instant. Had luck been on our side, our team could have got a much better rank. Although the team could not win, we had a memorable experience in the event and we will try harder next time.

Team Monday Morning hopes that the team members keep up their good effort and achieve excellence in the fore coming events, bringing glory to our Institute.


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