ROOTS 2.0: The NITRian Outlook

ROOTS 2.0: The NITRian Outlook

Niharika Dalai | Feb 05, 2018

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Recently, NITR organised the second edition of ROOTS which was a harmonious combination of ingenious creativity, inspiring vision, and professionalism. This year ROOTS witnessed guest lectures with highly resourceful insight aided with experience applied to real life.

Team MM recently conducted a survey in order to discern the opinion of the NITR junta on ROOTS 2.0.

“An average 32% felt that the organizing team of Roots did a good job in conducting an amazing confluence through unique guest lectures.”

This year ROOTS came up with guests lectures profound in fields like public speaking, art, music, poetry, travel, photography and filmmaking and the confluence was a perfect blend of creative minds and professionalism. The talks by highly skilful professionals reached out to quite a great extent to the NITR populace. The influencing and enthusiastic words by the proficient personalities impelled the NITR junta to reflect their passion in professions.

“As much as 59% of the populace did not attend Roots this year.”

ROOTS is generally a creative confluence which attracts like-minded people. Most of the students attend those guest lectures which they are interested in. Apart from this, the lack of prior publicity also contributed to the lesser attendance of the NITR populace in the event. Moreover, the confluence was organized during an extended weekend, during which many students must have left for homes. So, it definitely affected the participation in several workshops.

“A low 9% felt that the guest lectures were not stimulating and inspiring in this edition.”

Students with keen interests in certain specialized fields did not find the subject matter quite appealing to them. A few guest lectures emphasized on the professional aspects of their expertize which the beginners found difficult to comprehend and understand. Moreover, some of the guest lectures could not reach out to the students having minimal idea about the domain and were unable to apprehend the context.


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