Club Culture : Levelling Up or Remaining Inert?

Club Culture : Levelling Up or Remaining Inert?

Payal Das | Mar 12, 2018

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NITR vaunts of its vivid club culture as numerous clubs have emanated over the last few decades substantially. From nurturing a student's talent to helping them hone his skills, from igniting the hidden flair in certain students to assisting them to establish themselves in this competitive world and from instilling the feeling of responsibility, teamwork, creativity and smart execution to giving them a platform to learn from other folks with a similar passion, clubs have always played a vital role in the overall growth of most students in the campus.

Academics are the not only pivotal factors which help to build one’s personality, the other skills and facets of life are honed by individuals by being a part of different clubs. A multitude of clubs that NIT Rourkela boasts of, ensures that students continue chasing their passion and also provides exposure to their fortes through participation in various competitions.

Team Monday Morning conducted a poll in order to discern the opinions of the NITR junta on the question

Do you think the Club Culture at NITR is improving?

37% of the voters feel that "Yes, the enthusiasm is being carried forward in the successive batches, leading to the holistic growth of the clubs."

Despite the problems being faced by the clubs, they have been functioning actively with a great improvement over time. Every year new members are inducted who carry ahead the legacy of these clubs by uplifting their existing states. As new people become a part of a club, more ideas and future plans also approach and the club becomes more active and seeks the attention of most students. The members of various clubs have represented the institute on various platforms and brought laurels to it through their splendid performances. The same exuberance can still be seen in the students and they have kept the standard of the clubs intact. Some clubs are in fact, planning for big events and some are organizing them too.

A considerable 26% of the NITR populace reckon that "There has been no significant change."

Every year, most of these clubs manage to organize intriguing events during fests which get whopping participation and never fail to keep extra-curricular activities alive in the midst of academic pressure on the students. Members of the club come up with better ideas for events every year which will engross the participants. The competence and efforts to contribute to the persistence of clubs in the institute.

The remaining 37% of them believe that "No, the stringent SAC rules and other untoward factors are restricting the growth of clubs."

SAC is the administrative body which regulates the functioning of the clubs in NITR. Reimbursement of bills, Red Tape Culture, problems in procuring leave has led to a slide in the activities of the various clubs of the institute. A meager percentage of these clubs are even though having funds, they do not make the best use of it and have become dormant. There are so many clubs encouraging same activities that some students join such similar clubs just to get certificates, though their contribution is inappreciable. There has been a reduction in the number of students during the inductions too as some students think a lot of their time gets wasted when they are busy with club activities. Certain clubs do exist which have no proper plans for the coming academic sessions maybe because of less number of events to attend or no significant improvement in their previous year's performance. Some are also on the verge of dissolution. Altogether, these factors have restricted the growth of clubs and need to be taken care of.

Team Monday Morning hopes that the revitalization of the vibrant club culture that NITR boasted is brought back to life by the enthusiastic students of NIT Rourkela, so that the rich legacy is maintained which in turn would help improving the personality development of students.


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