Laying the Roadmap of Success:  Workshop by SCP

Laying the Roadmap of Success: Workshop by SCP

Niharika Dalai | Mar 12, 2018

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The Student Counselling Program which was initiated in NITR in August 2017 organized a day-long workshop on “Be Motivated, Be Successful”. The event was conducted by Institute of Self-Reliance, Bhubaneswar on 11 March 2018 at BBA and was sponsored by TEQIP-III. The workshop was initially scheduled to start at around 9:30 but got delayed to 10:30.  The total turnout of participants was around 92 including 5 students from GEC, Bilaspur.

The event was graced with the presence of our honourable Director Prof.Animesh Biswas, Prof. KC Pati, Professor-in-charge, SCP and Director of the workshop, Prof. Alok Satapathy, Convenor of the workshop , Prof. A.K Rath, Mr. CV Ramana Subudhi, Director, Institute of Self-Reliance (ISR), Bhubaneswar and Mrs. C. Vani, Motivator and Student Counselor, ISR Bhubaneswar. In the beginning, Prof. Biswas, Prof. Pati, and Prof. Satapathy addressed the students and later the session was carried forward by Mrs.Vani and Mr. Subudhi. The session commenced with the recitation of the National Song and was followed by a brief discussion on motivation and time management. Mrs.Vani took the lead and briefed about the significance of motivation and deliberated upon various aspects of time management. This was followed by two fun events which included finding solutions to brainteasers and guessing movie names from given dialogues and the students who answered correctly were given some goodies. Two videos were played that illustrated the relevance of a proper timetable and elucidated the importance of time management for acquiring success.

The first session continued till 1 PM and after the lunch break, the session resumed at around 2:30 PM. A series of questions were lined up next which included identifying eminent CEOs, CFOs, and logos of prominent brands and companies, discovering words from a set of jumbled letters and given hints and few mental exercises to test how quickly a person responds. A motivational video was played next that depicted multiple aspects of life beginning from struggles to the journey of achieving success.

The end of the workshop was marked with a question and answer round which were quite satisfactorily answered by Mrs. Vani and Mr. Subudhi. The event finally concluded at around 5 p.m. On being asked about organizing the event, one of the student coordinators of SCP, Amlan Das was quoted as saying,

The entire coordinating team was quite supportive. We received a lot of support from our Director, Prof. Pati, Prof. Satapathy, Prof. Rath and Prof. C R Patra, TEQIP Coordinator. So we could put up the event quite successfully.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the Student Counselling Cell on the conduction of such a programme and hopes that such events are carried out in the future for the betterment of the students of the campus.


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