Niharika Mrinal Chaudhury | Mar 26, 2018

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This was the phrase that swept people in a wave of emotions in the Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium on the evening of 24th March (Wednesday), as dance crews of different branches gathered for the much-awaited ‘Final Year Dance’. The excitement and love of the students for the final years was palpable as the crowd swelled up by 5:00 PM at the venue. The final year dance was the beginning of the series of events marking the farewell of the batch graduating in 2018. The event invited groups of each branch giving a choreographed performance on the stage. The event was scheduled at 5:00 PM but the commencement of the event was delayed by an hour due to the absence of a few teams which did not report on time. A few final year students who had first came up with the idea of Jashn hosted the event. The first performance was a solo dance on popular local and Bollywood numbers by a final year Life Science student, Biswa Bhusan Mahapatra. It was followed by group performances by each branch of NITR. It goes without saying that the crowd could not keep calm and danced along with each crew. A redundant issue that cropped up again was the lack of capacity of the BBA which could not seat a huge number of students who came to witness the performances.

The motivation and idea behind Jashn were to have a Musical Night besides rendering a platform to all the final years where everyone can perform shedding their inhibitions. With a goal to unify the entire batch, the final year dance performance was organized on 24th  March 2018 which encompassed students from all the branches. Until 2016, it used to be organized during the International Students’ Meet (ISM), but the previous year it was scrapped owing to the cancellation of ISM. Due to the sheer efforts of the core team of Jashn,
Arts and Cultural society the event succeeded in being a huge success as both the performers and the audience enjoyed it. The core team included final year students namely Amrutha Varshini, Sambit Behura, Aditi Raj, Abhratej Sahoo, Prabhu Chandan, Ayush Moharana, Aditya Rout, Surabhi Bhuyan, Rajashree Lenka, Shreyasi Bandopadhyay, and Yusuf.

Most of the funding was received from the Arts and Cultural Society and a minimal amount of funds were expended in the event. It did not require extensive funding and the power, lighting as well as sound system requisites accounted for the minimalistic funding. When asked about the experiences and obstacles faced while organizing Jashn, Amrutha Varshini was quoted saying: 

Initially it was a bit difficult as we faced certain resistance due to the scraping
out of Final year dance performance in the previous year. Yet, we received a
positive response from a majority chunk of the final year populace. 99% of the
people up voted for it as everybody wanted to come out of their cocoon for the
one last time before leaving. It received the much-needed attention and
recognition at one platform and united the students on a fundamental level. All
the branches irrespective of their differences performed spectacularly and we
received an amazing response. Since it was like our friend performing and our
contemporaries taking initiative, we all were cheering for them. It were the
emotions and nostalgia which drove this event to a success. The audience was full of energy and exuberance.

Team Monday Morning hopes that the subsequent events of Jashn are as fun-filled as the final year dance with the final years making a lot of memories to take away.


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