Acknowledging Queries: Ask a Question 16.0

Acknowledging Queries: Ask a Question 16.0

Manasa Pisipati Nishanth | Apr 02, 2018

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The Chinese say, 

He who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.

Monday Morning takes up the responsibility to get the NITR junta’s queries answered. Team MM brings you the 16th edition of Ask A Question with the answers to the miscellaneous questions asked over the past week.

Responses from Dean Academics Prof. KK Mohapatra

MM: Why is the evaluation in most practical labs done solely/primarily by record book writing rather than the practical performance of the students given that record writing does not give an accurate reflection of what the student does in the lab?

KKM: This process is entirely dependent on the faculty. A student's performance has to be continuously evaluated. A professor must evaluate his students in every lab class through Viva-Voce, the way the experiment was conducted and through record writing. If the respective professor is evaluating majorly by record book, then I believe that it is not correct. But, there is no way the Director or I can interfere with the professor's evaluation methods.

MM: Why is there no significant improvement in the MBA department since its inception nine years ago? The facilities are either non-functional or damaged. Why doesn't the institute hire more faculty and give more exposure to the MBA students?

KKM: If the students have observed that the facilities are not in proper condition, they must immediately approach the administration to get the resources fixed or replaced. It is the responsibility of the departments to raise issues with the computer centre in case they need more computers. I have no say in these kinds of situations.

Coming to the issue of faculty, since this institute is not a regular management school, good faculty would choose schools meant solely for management, such as IIM or XLRI rather than our institute. Hence we face difficulty to improve and grow. We request students to keep patience since all of us in the administration are putting effort to expand the MBA section of our institute. One of our notable alumni, C.P. Gurnani, has agreed to donate almost 25 to 30 crore rupees to help in the expansion of the School of Management in NITR. Combining that with a grant that we will get from the government, we have a lot of scope to develop this department.

MM: What is the financial assistance provided to a presenting a paper at a conference? If the registration fee is above 5000( Which is the max limit offered by Institute), is there any other way to reimburse students for the extra money?

KKM: We must follow specific regulations. Every institute provides a cap on the money it can contribute towards registration fees. But, we advise the professors to reimburse the extra money from the faculty project fund provided by the government. Therefore, we encourage faculty to take up more projects to aid students financially. A second solution would be to use the fund provided by alumni. But our alumni fund isn't as large to support financial aid for students yet. As of now, we do not have any emergency fund source apart from the two mentioned above.

MM: Has the CGPA cutoff for Honours been increased to 8.5 from the graduating class of 2018 onwards?

KKM: No, the CGPA is still the same. It has not changed. Students with a CGA above 8.0 are considered as Honours students.

MM: Why are we not granted preparation holidays before exams? Probably, the absence of gaps between two exams can be cited as one of the primary reasons for such high rate of failure in our institute.

KKM: The philosophy of our institute is ‘Continuous Evaluation System'. Hence the preparatory leave isn't allowed in our institute since we do not want to give anyone specific set of exams more importance than the rest. Even then, if the students feel that the pressure is too much, they can always present the issue for discussion in the Senate. Otherwise, the students can also offer a solution in the Senate regarding changing the current examination system in such a way that the weightage of midsems and endsems is distributed more evenly. But, my previous interaction with students on this topic always led me to believe that they are satisfied with having no preparatory holidays or gaps between exams.

MM: Why can't we download research papers from IEEE explore in pdf anymore?

KKM: We have restricted the number of licenses for IEEE download for accessing the website though NITR portal. At a specific point in time, only ten students can simultaneously access and download papers from IEEE. Maybe that is causing the issue. Otherwise, I don't see any problem with downloading documents from IEEE since nothing was changed regarding this matter.

MM: How does the exchange of exam answer sheets amongst professors (e.g., Maths and BEE) help in the normalized evaluation of papers?

KKM: This resolution was passed by the Senate to reduce bias in the correction of answer sheets. But recently, the corresponding departments submitted a request to redo this resolution and allow the professors to correct the answer sheets of their respective students. So we have decided to do away with this system. This topic will be discussed at the upcoming Senate meeting in the second week of April, and if accepted, it will mostly be implemented from the end semester examination of this academic semester itself.

Responses from VP, Games and Sports Society, Prof. R.C. Pradhan

MM: Why were there no serial numbers on the certificates distributed at the Sports Meet (Inter Hall) 2018? Doesn't this demean the authenticity of the certificates?

RCP: The certificates have the original signatures of the Vice President, President (SAC) and the Dean (SW). So the signatures of three higher authorities are present in the certificates which make the certificates authentic. However, to avoid this again next year, we will make sure to put the serial numbers.

Responses from VP, Literary Society, Prof. Debajyoti Choudhury

MM: This year there were plenty of issues with the souvenir photo shoot due to the professional photographers specially hired. If students are generating the content and the design, why can't clubs like Third Eye take the photographs? The institute can even pay the students.

DC: The idea of hiring photographers from Third Eye was suggested by us VPs during the meetings with the respective authority. But the institute rulebook states that a student currently pursuing a degree in our institute cannot be paid by it for any reason whatsoever. Hence, we had to proceed with a professional photographer instead.

Response from the President, Clarion Rohit Biswas

MM: Why was the Clarion PD cancelled under the shrug of administrative obstruction, what did that mean? Can we get a statement clarifying that?

Rohit Biswas: We had submitted a letter to the SAC in which we explained in length about the administrative issues which we had faced while organizing this PD. It requires at least 16 teams to be confirmed. By Wednesday when we decided to cancel it, there were only 8-10 teams confirmed. So the amount we had raised through registration fees and through sponsorships, we felt wouldn't have been enough and that it would have been fair to ensure high standards of the event. We didn't want to drag NITR's name through the mud in any accord. Hence we went ahead and cancelled the event.

Responses from Assistant Registrar, Academic Prof. KP Panigrahi

MM: Applicants were invited by the Assistant Registrar (Research) in November 2017 for the ‘1972 Alumni Batch Endowment Scholarship'. It was mentioned in the notice that the results would be announced in December or January; however, no mail has been circulated yet. Can we know the status of the same?

KPP: A general notice has not been sent, but the awards have already been given. This time, the alumni wanted the awards to be distributed on the pre-convocation day. Thus, a total of 9 students were awarded the scholarship on the pre-convocation day. Also, when the alumni visited the Institute on 19th of March, they met the awardees as well. A general notice was not sent, but the awarded students were intimated beforehand.

We have to look at other aspects as well. When we issue a general notice, we may declare the identity of the awardees in public, which may hurt the sentiments of the students. That is why we intimated them personally.

MM: When will the provisional pass certificate be given to B.Tech final year students?

KP: Within 3-4 days of the declaration of the result, the certificates would be written. After that, they would be sent to the Dean (Academic) for the signature. That would take time as it would be hard for him to sign about 1000 certificates quickly. The signatures would be done in groups. So by that estimate, the certificates would probably be dispatched by the first week of June. Gradually, all the students would be getting their certificates.

Response from Team MM

Q: As per a recent circular sent through webmail, TEQIP III can reimburse the GATE application fee. What is the process?

Team MM:

GATE Registration Fee Reimbursement:

Those candidates who have applied gate 2018, qualified, and have a valid SCORECARD with them are eligible for getting the refund of the gate registration fees from TEQIP


  • Gate payment receipt


  • NIT ID card Xerox

  • Bank account passbook Xerox

  • The orange colour form provided by TEQIP.


Interested students can collect the form from TEQIP and fill it up. The students are then supposed to take signatures from their Faculty Advisor/Guide and HOD, attach all documents and submit it to the department office to be passed on to the TEQIP cell.


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