Gate of Woes

In the wake of increasing number of gate leading into the institute, the decision has been taken to close the gate near Ceramic Department, says Chief Security Officer, Balaram Champatiray. The institute has in total 8 gates, two of which are still being constructed. Managing so many gates has become a herculean task, costing both money and manpower.

The Ceramic gate which has been there since the inception of REC, was closed just after the start of summer vacation. The plan is that, once the construction of the gate near new LA is finished, the Ceramic gate will be opened, whereupon the gate near Biomedical Department will be closed. The gates will be managed depending on the necessity. Till the new gate is finished, for security reasons, the gate in front of CVR will be opened from morning 6am to evening 6pm, and after 6pm the CVR gate will be closed and the guards will shifted to the Ceramic gate, which will be open from 6pm onwards. A notice about this will be put up soon.

We are planning to put a guard in each hall for patrolling in wake of increasing thefts. It will also be seen that the G.D.Birla and M.Visweswarya halls are more protected this year to prevent any outward incident.

Students have been expressing their displeasure over the closure of this gate, as the ceramic gate is the most used among the campus students be it for reaching their departments or walking towards SAC every day.

Team MM hopes the authorities look into this problem and solve it as quickly as possible in the best interest of the students.