Kick off to a Fresh Start

The past is deep.

Probably the new faces occupying the chairs in the BBA would contemplate by saying this four or five years hence.What might have been a monotonous session for a sophomore,turned out to be inspirational and motivated the freshers for a new chapter of their life in this temple of learning which is known as NIT Rourkela.

After the introduction of the HODs of various departments by Director in-charge Prof. K.C. Pati, it was Mr. S.K. Upadhyay’s (Registrar) address that the new comers were eagerly waiting for. 

The four major authorities, The Board of Governors, The Senate, The Building Works Committee and The Finance Committee are responsible for the smooth running of the different affairs of the institute. NIT Rourkela has a vision to become an internationally acclaimed university and advance and spread knowledge in the area of science and technology leading to the welfare of humanity. Also NITR, has 800 PhD students and is expecting to produce around 150 PhD degree holders from this institute which is very much comparable with the IITs. Currently, the campus consists of 645 acres of land and another 159 acres is on its way to be a part of the institute. Recent talks with the state government may assure another 400 acres of land where NIT Rourkela will boast of its second campus with many other new branches like agriculture and nuclear engineering.

Everything will fall in place when you have a sound mental state. Prof. Kalyani Mishra has been appointed as the student counsellor of the institute, with whom the student’s can share their personal matters to settle things down.

“Health is wealth.” – The basic idea of the medical policies were given by the medical officer Dr. Champak Bhattacharya and assured the cooperation of the 3 doctors during any trouble of the students.

Prof. B. Majhi, Dean of Academics briefed about the various courses offered by the institute and asked the students to change their outlook as they will find themselves amidst a bigger class consisting of many students and will get the chance to make friends across the whole country. Some glum faces popped up as soon as he mentioned about the grading system and obviously about the attendancein class which will even haunt them in their midnight dreams.

There was a huge round of applause when the Deputy Registrar-cum-Anchor of the day, Mr. Bamadev Acharya declared that the student with best B. Tech project and the best All-rounder will be awarded a medal made of 24 carat gold much to the amusement of the crowd.

Prof. J. Bera, President SAC (Student Activity Centre), spoke about the four societies present in the institute namely, technical society, sports society, literally and cultural society and film and music society. He encouraged the new comers to join the clubs under these societies for developing their personality and leadership skills. After all these, he did not forget to mention about SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Among Youth). 

Prof.R.K. Patel’s (Chief Warden) words about the system of halls of residences and not hostels were really comforting to the parents. He also mentioned about the hall management council of which the residents of the hall will be a part and about the various intra and inter-hall activities that will keep the students enthusiastic and lively throughout the semesters.

The responsibility of the institute is to guide the students into some profession at the end of the course, be it a job in the campus placement or pursuing higher studies. Prof. B.B. Biswal, Head of Training and Placement cited these lines and also placed the statistics that Mining has the highest salary package in the last three years making sure that there is enough scope for one in NIT Rourkela even if he or she does not belong to branches like Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

“The institute is also introducing a new centre called TIIR (Technology, Innovation and Industrial Relations) where not only the passed out students but also the present students can participate in its activities.”

Prof. K.K. Khatua, in-charge of Extra Academic Activities, spoke about the NSS (Nation Service Scheme), NCC (National Cadet Corps) and PE (Physical Education). The freshers will have an opportunity to be a part of any of these three groups depending upon their interest in the first year. Many of them were left in much awe when they found that jogging twice a week will also be part of the curriculum.

Prof. K.C. Pati, Director in-charge and Dean of Student Activities, smartly shortened his speech to save the energy of the beginners for their session with Director, Prof. S.K. Sarangi on Monday or Tuesday. He mentioned some of the feats that our very own institute of NIT Rourkela has achieved and something all the NITians should cherish.

“In the recent past the World Education Congress has recognised our institute with the award of Outstanding Contribution to the Education. For the second time in a row ABP News has awarded our institute as the Outstanding Engineering Institute in East India.”

NIT Rourkela plays an important role in the personal development of a student and for that one needs to come out of his or her regular academics and participate in extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, swimming and other sports activities. The director in-charge also advised them to bring to the notice of the authorities any case of ragging and also asked them not to go to any odd places at odd times.

“In case of ragging punishment is not only for the seniors but also for the freshers as well depending upon the situation.”

Team MM wishes this lively batch of new comers a great stay in the forthcoming years.