“Projecting” Changes!

Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium has been the hub of all the major cultural events as well as seminars. The place is well equipped with technologies a functional auditorium demands. Undergoing changes in the past years, BBA is finally ready to be at par with top grade auditoriums of different institutes. To perfect the place completely, an expensive projector system has been installed. Team MM caught up with the conveners of Film and Music Society, as they revealed the inside story of how far the projector system is ready to function.

Previously, the projector system was movable and not in a great condition. This year, a Hitachi 6-metre-diagonal motorized screen has been set up. The glass grated screen is way bigger than last year’s and is good to go. A remote control system controls both the projector and the screen, and since the projector is attached to the screen, on the press of a button the screen comes down as well. 

As all know, the sound system in BBA was not something to be proud of. Starting from the equalizer to the amplifier everything was on the blink, so they have been replaced and now the system is working fine. A lot of new microphones and other equipment have been bought to further enhance the sound quality. Previously amplifier and power rating speakers were not meeting the mike’s frequency; this year this problem has also been taken care of.

The FMS society is planning to show new movies almost every week now; that too, if a movie is released on Friday they will be showing it on Saturday. For this, the officials have already talked to the distributor and soon enough, he’ll be sending his quotations. The copyrights of the movies will be purchased and the movies will be shown 3-4 times for staff members as well as the students. 

When asked how often the projector can be used, we were told that the projector can be used for each and every institute event. It can be connected to the laptop or any cd player. Although, the projector is functional, the reason it is not being used is the lack of a constant power supply. Due to the frequent power cuts, the projector cannot be used without a UPS as it may damage the lens. The authorities have proposed to buy an UPS of 10KVA and the projector facilities can be availed only after it has arrived.

All in all, we are ensured that the system will be completely running and functioning in a period of two months and we can hope to catch all the recent movies as well as attend even better events in the months to come.