Speaking of Sintering

The metallurgical engineering students of NIT Rourkela got a great opportunity to improve upon their knowledge with a seminar on "Iron ore Sintering" by Mr. Bhimsen Pradhan, DGM (O), Sintering Plant-I, RSP. The Metallurgy Engineering Department Seminar Hall was thronged by students and teachers alike, to imbue the knowledge that was disseminated.

The seminar started on time with the speaker addressing the audience. The presentation on iron ore sintering and the various processes involved were shown. The presentation started from the basics and continued to advanced levels of the topic. Being a technique where the objects are made from powder, by heating them until the particles stick, it is of utmost importance in steel and iron making industry. Various processes were described in lucid language. Even topics on management and environmental sustainability were discussed. The lecture was followed by an interactive session where the speaker answered several queries of curious minds. 

The lecture had an attendance of about 150 people and was graced by the likes of several accomplished individuals of this field. The event concluded with the Head of the Department of Metallurgy Engineering presenting a memento to the esteemed speaker, Mr. Bhimsen Pradhan. 

Mr. Bhimsen Pradhan is an alumnus of NIT Rourkela. He holds a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, 1980 batch and M.Tech in Heat Power Engineering. Currently, he is DGM (O), Sintering Plant-I, Rourkela Steel Plant.