Where is the Water?

They were unerring who said that you don’t know the worth of water until the well is dry. The residents of NITR hostel realized this the hard way during the recent “water crisis”.

Acute shortage of water supply has plagued the boarders of almost every hall in the recent days. The problem came to the fore when chains of people in morning were searching for water to suffice their basic chores. There was some unrest among the students as they were forced to compromise with their sanitation and hygiene. Temporary relief like water tankers were provided to the ladies hall promptly.  But the residents complained about the unhygienic condition and foul smell of water in the tanker, while the occupants of top floors grumbled about the portability of water.

The functional authorities blamed the lack of power supply for the acute water shortage. Changeover from 11kV line to 33kV line was cited as the prime reason for this power cut. Lack of power to the bore wells caused the recent water scarcity. The authorities hope to resolve this issue within 15 days. 

For steady supply of water in the long run, three new bore wells have been dug up- one near the S.D Hall, the other one on the roadside of V.S Hall and the final one near the C.V.R Hall . Work towards this is in full speed but the laying of water pipelines from bore wells to hostel is still pending which requires more three to four months.

The outraged NITR junta made no effort to veil their disgust and argued this crisis has been continuing for a long time, and their trouble aggravated in the past few days. In the near future, various developments are expected from the governing bodies to make water scarcity a history for NITR hostel. We, on our part can only keep our fingers crossed and hoped to be relived from this predicament in near future.