An irresistible hunt- Bioquest v2.0

Society of engineers for living systems (SELS), department of biotechnology and medical engineering, NITR orchestrated a hunt event with the name of Bioquest v2.0 which witnessed a huge turn-up of about 74 students, of which 70% of the students were from institutes other than NITR.

The event started off at around 11.00 am and continued until 2.00 pm in LA-201 and BM/BT Department building. It consisted of two rounds namely, Qualifier round and Final task round. The qualifier round saw participation of 27 teams, each with 2 or 3 members. Evaluation process was divided into two chunks. First being the questionnaire in which 20 MCQ’s were made to flash on the screen, each for 15 seconds. It was followed by a sequel of 10 riddles, each flashing on the screen for 60 seconds. The aforementioned session encapsulating both biology and non-biology related issues was really beguiling. 8 out of 27 teams were shortlisted for the final round. In the final round, every team was provided with a thermocol based human outline structure and a question paper having four riddles. On having solved a question, they had to go to specific locations, namely LA-114, Library Cycle Stand, Ceramic Department, and Central Workshop. At every above mentioned location, 2 organs were hidden which the participants were supposed to bring after performing a task based on the properties of that organ and then guessing its name. Then the organs found were to be attached to the outline of human structure. Parallel to this, a bonus round was also going on for the participants to fetch extra points. On the whole, the final round lasted for 90+30 minutes. 2 out of 8 teams triumphantly received the tag of winners.

The event was a success as all the participants thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it and got enlightened as well.