Pitched onto the Payroll

Society of engineers for living systems (SELS), department of biotechnology and medical engineering, NITR choreographed an event titled HIRED, on 1st November’2014 in the BM/BT seminar hall. The event was highly provocative as it tested numerous skills of the participants.

The event began with the description of a hypothetical company, Parandrix which was to visit NITR campus for recruiting the students. 23 teams with 2 members each, turned up to take part in the event. The quiz was initiated by an elimination round in which 20 questions were displayed, each flashing for 60 seconds with no negative marking. Students had to write the answers on a paper which was then evaluated after all the questions were over. 16 out of 23 teams were shortlisted for the second round. The declaration of the results of the aforementioned round was followed by the second round which was ‘The probation round’. It was a technical round designed to check problem solving skills, way of approaching problems, innovative and logical thinking of the participants. The participants were provided with a printed question paper which was to be solved within a stipulated time of 60 minutes. 

While the papers were being evaluated, refreshments were provided to the candidates. This was chased by the revelation of results of the probation round. 8 teams could finally make it to the third round. The third round was ‘The World Conference round’ .Qualities like: leadership skills, communicative skills, interpersonal skills and persuasive skills were assessed in this round. It was actually a test of their ability to think, their analytical capabilities and their ability to put forward their point in a team based environment. This round was judged by 3 eminent personas: M N Anand Babu, Dr. B.P Nayak and Prof. R Jaybalan. All the teams were asked to go through the data provided to them for 10 minutes and then it was time for the commencement of the conference. It comprised of two phases:  In phase 1, one of the team members had to speak for 2 minutes about whether they were satisfied with the data provided to them. Each team’s presentation of 2 minutes was immediately followed by phase 2 of the world conference. In this round, each team had to counter questions or oppositions from the other 7 teams based on the presentation or statements they had presented in the first phase of the conference. The team answering the questions was judged on the basis of quality of the answers and the other teams were judged on the groundwork of the quality and justification of the questions raised. Points were awarded for good questions and bonuses for witty answers.

6 individual members were hand-picked for the final PI round. In this round, each member was catechized by the judges for about 25 minutes each. The fact that the participants were stressed cannot be denied. This interrogative session was chased by declaration of final results. The heat of the moment was tangible. 2 members who propitiously crossed all the aforementioned hurdles were finally declared as the vanquishers.

The event having dealt with noteworthy aspects of biology related issues and personality development skills was immensely enlightening and entertaining. The event was undoubtedly a great experience for all the participants and so was a great success.